As we spend most of our time in My Tho i seem to find places that interest me or have a theme that is new in that area. Julio is such a place. Situated on a busy intersection in a newer area of My Tho Julio caters for coffee lovers and cold drinks that will sure to be to all tastes. They use a modern espresso machine for coffee's as well as traditional drinks. They serve breakfast in the mornings with a range of hot dishes to choose from. 

Julio is located on Hung Vuong Street, My Tho, Tien Giang - look for the scooters

A open plan design with good parking for your scooter or bike Julio is a fast paced friendly environment that we enjoyed visiting many times.

The cafe has a line up of scooters old style that fit the atmosphere with plenty of seating outside and under cover if its rains

Prices are slightly higher than most coffee shops but within any travelers budget and of course locals which is their main customer base

Free WiFi of course is available - We were able to view the new Vin-fast Electric scooters when we were there which are pretty spiffy with the most expensive model being 47 million VD