Part 2 Start of time in the Quarantine camp.

Things started out very confused regarding the foreigners because of course the limits with language and the military not really sure how to deal with us we did a few hours of sitting around until all the locals had been processed. The one officer who did speak English was looking after us the best he could and trying to get information but it was clear there was no information to be found. He provided us with water, snacks and as much information as he could.

We finally got transferred to the dorm area and settled in for the night and what ever would follow, would it be a day or 14 at this stage we didn't know. The first night I was in a 6 bed room with Chinese and Japanese guy but then I found a single room which I was allowed to move to, it got a lot of sun so I guess that's why they hadn't used these room as no AC or fridges in any rooms only a fan and a woodener bed. 

So it turned out to be 17 days because of delay in getting final COVID-19 results back from the lab in HCMC but by this time I had settled into the routine and was enjoying the simple life of quarantine.

We had about 200 people in our quarantine camp and we had free access to all out side areas so must nicer then being locked in a room with no outside freedoms.

We had 3 meals a day along with temperature checks, as much water as you wanted, twice daily chemical disinfectant spraying, COVID-19 tests 3 times during our stay, open yards for volley ball, walking, running at anytime day or night.

We could have outside packages delivered to us so really there was nothing to complain about unless you were one of those people who thought they are above everyone else as you saw on online post, people complaining telling staff how they are mafia and they are above everyone, very disappointing to see such behaviour.

The staff taking care of us were awesome and nothing bad can be said about any of them.

The medical staff who came around 3 times a day to do temperature check got to know me and my daily routine and on several days they came to check my temperature at around 3 pm while I was the only person out walking in the hot day sun. On several occasion when they checked my temperature it was high due to me having been outside in the direct sun walking or working on my tan so they would use good judgment and allow me normal time to cool down to normal then come back and retest me rather then panicking because my temperature was over the allowed mark.

I would feed the cat fish, turtles and duckling which lived in the ponds at the camps along with the dogs and the dogs were the fussiest eater by far which made me laugh.

All in all at the end of our 17 days everyone had returned negative test results so we could leave. It could have been very different if only 1 person had been positive as that would have locked us all down again which for me would not have been an issue because I was enjoying the quiet, simple daily life. It was very nice to see that local school kids had made cards and good wishes gifts for everyone at the camp, it was very sweet. 

So on the day we were scheduled to be let out the government stopped all public transport so no taxis, no grab, no buses, now it was how the hell do I get home from here as it was 27 km from D7?

Thankfully the military came to the rescue and dropped me at the front of my Apartment saving the day.

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