Following our magnificent trip through the mountains and valleys of North Vietnam, we began our journey down south. Leaving Hanoi, we made our way 160km South West, to the Pù Luông Nature Reserve. The mountain roads along the way were steep, and not for the faint of heart! However, once you arrive in Pù Luông, all of your stresses immediately melt away. The area is breathtaking to say the least. The terraced rice paddies nestled in deep valleys, dotted with stilted house and surrounded by sharp mountains and forests, instills a sense of quiet and peace within you like no other. One can spend days exploring the surroundings by motorbike or foot, or simply just sitting back and enjoying the views. It never gets old. We spent our days in Pù Luông at the Pù Luông Boutique Garden. There are many stunning places to stay in Pù Luông, and we loved our time at the Boutique Garden. The rooms were astonishing, and the service was kind and welcoming. All in all, Pù Luông Nature Reserve with its natural beauty and welcoming locals was not only a perfect starting point for us on our trip South, but is the perfect getaway at any time. Don't miss it.