A married couple who both work as teachers in the Nghe An province of north-central Vietnam offer weekly free home-made breakfast to low-income students at their school.

On their way to school, Luong Van Ba and Pham Thi Theu, a married couple who teach at Dung Hop Middle School in Nghe An, occasionally skip breakfast.

But while the couple knew they had a choice to skip a morning meal, the realization that many of their students were forced on an empty stomach to start their day inspired the husband-wife duo to start giving away 250 free meals every Tuesday morning.

"At first I was worried about our financial situation, but now I just try to stay focused on providing the students with a nutritious meal," Theu stated.

Usually the night before, when Ba and Theu start collecting ingredients, preparation for Tuesday breakfast begins. The couple then wake up to start cooking early the next morning.

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Original text and photo courtesy of Tuoi Tre