In Ho Chi Minh City, sometimes people usually ask where to hang out in the weekend? And when they search on Google, they found many good destinations such as Escape Room, Đầm Sen Waterpark or Suối Tiên,... But sometimes they are afraid of going so far and get into a place where many people gather around during weekends. I have a place for my own as well and it called Thỏ Trắng park.

Located in District 10 in Ho Chi Minh City, this park can be seen as a smaller version of Đầm Sen Park with more than 15 thrilling games which make you feel dizzy after going for one game. For example, this one:

Feeling excited already? But first, you need to find the place before having exciting about this trip. So, where is it actually? Even my friends, they live in District 3, District 1 and even District 10 but they don't know about this place. So here is the address: 875 Cách Mạng Tháng 8, Ward 15, District 10, HCMC, but the reason why people didn't find this park because this address is for the Lê Thị Riêng park. If you want to take the Thỏ Trắng park, you need to look for the Trường Sơn street, and turn to it, the Thỏ Trắng park is inside of the Lê Thị Riêng park but the entrance is on Trường Sơn street, not on Cách Mạng Tháng 8 like Google Map shows you.

Talking about the games, there are three types of game in this park, which are indoor game, outdoor game and thrilling games. In these three categories, they are divided into two types, fee and no fee, but normally, people who came to this park usually go for the non - free games because they want the exciting, thrilling in every games they play.

And the price, there are two ways to pay, one is paying for one game and the other payment is one time payment. For paying one game, the price is usually from 30k to 50k for one person per game; however, for the one time payment, they have four packages for you to choose. In here, you can see the price for each packages:

So, the price is between 290k to 790k, but with 790k, you can use all 7 days, free souvenir and picture shooting, plus this ticket can be used up to 3 people. How about the 550k, the park recommend this ticket for couples, this ticket has all the benefits like 790k, but can only used for 2 people. How about the 330k? the same like 550k and 790k but only for 1 person. And lastly, the cheapest is 290k, only used for 17 specific games chosen by the park, 1 day usage, no shooting and one owner only. I think the price is good with many people because they can go to Sumo BBQ, King BBQ and pay the same amount of money for one meal, so I don't think this is a high price.

The opening hours is

- Weekdays: 3PM - 10PM

- Weekends: 8AM - 12PM / 3PM - 10PM

So I think, you can get there and play everyday if you want.

Also, in here, you can experience an indoor game called Jump Arena where you can jump in any style you like without being scared of fall, the ticket is not so expensive for people who like indoor rock climbing or people who have passion with Ninja Warrior show. For playing 1/2 hour, the price is 60k, but 1 hour only 90k, and if you feel you have too much energy, you can take 120k with unlimited time but remember it is only used for one day, not 120k until you die. My recommendation for this game is take the 90k because you won't have enough energy to survive the next hour.

I think that's all for Thỏ Trắng park, I think this could be a good recommendation for you guys in the future if you feel bored with facebook and electronic devices or if you don't know where to hang out in 2 hours, something like that. Hope you enjoy reading. See ya!