Experience Sharing Contests on VIA

7 May 2019 in VIA

Vietnam is Awesome derived from the people who genuinely finds Vietnam beautiful. When we say beautiful, note that we do not mean ‘perfect’. Nothing is perfect, or so they say. And if there is anything out there that is perfect, then isn’t that boring? I think the people who love Vietnam have come to love it because what they have seen and experienced in Vietnam couldn’t probably be found anywhere else. Vietnam is two ends of a spectrum. It is fierce, hectic and fun, and yet if you seek for calming nature where you can sit at a cafe and people watch, Vietnam will have that too.

In relation to this, there are loads of first-hand experiences and stories of Vietnam that the locals, expats and tourists would love to share to the readers but sharing it on Facebook means that the audience would be reduced to small group of friends one has who may not relate to the story, simply because they have never been to Vietnam or are not interested in it. Twitter is the same and even though Instagram can be used to post with hashtags, it isn’t an application meant for sharing experiences with a full detailed story.

The new ‘Contest’ feature on Vietnam is Awesome (VIA) was created to find those interesting stories for the all the audience that are interested in hearing them. It seeks for people, not professional writers, who want to join the writing contest of particular topics. These topics are ones that are on trend, on the current radar, or in Vietnamese term “HOT" that may be informative and interesting to the VIA members. The effort and creativity of the writers will be honored through rewarding the best article. The best written piece receives vouchers worth millions of Vietnam Dong. The vouchers that are of high value can be used to redeem food, drinks, movie tickets, services, goods & etc at establishments all over Vietnam. VIA’s main mission is to allow people within Vietnam, or those who wish to visit Vietnam, to have the common ground where they can share, learn and visualize the country through other people’s experiences and insights. Hopefully, through the new feature, VIA members will find it more worthwhile to share their own perceptions of the country.

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