Our First stop was at the Citadel in Hue Vietnam. We spend about 4 hours at the citadel walking around and exploring all of the buildings, after the citadel we went to the abandoned dragon water park in Hue.... about 8km away from the citadel. Getting to the dragon water park was quite easy and takes you about 15 minutes to drive from the imperial city, Once you arrive at the abandoned water park get ready for some walking. It takes you about 20 minutes to get to the actual dragon in the middle of the lake, from there on you can venture even deeper into the park. Other attractions to explore in the water park includes, swimming pools, water slides and an abandoned amphitheater. So when ever you find yourself visiting Hue be sure to check out the dragon water park and the Citadel, you won't be disappointed!! A few tips for visiting the abandoned water park!! Go around 4pm and stay for the sunset! Take some cash with you..... Don't go climbing the big dragon!! Be ready to walk a lot, the park is big!! Try not to fall into the water!! Have fun and be safe!!