I am proud enough to say that I was born and raised in Vietnam - a heroic, indomitable country, where the people never hesitate to overcome hardship and to stand up for a democratic independence. Moreover, I am proud of the beautiful scenery from South to North of my country, each has its own unique features that make the visitors never forget after visiting. Though Vietnam has so many magnificent places and fantastic scenery, I have only visited a few places. And I was most impressed by the beauty of Dambri Falls on the camping trip with my classmates after the first semester exam.

I remember that day, me and my classmates came early in the morning to prepare our luggages and bags ready to get on our car, it took us around 5 hours to get to the stop to rest. Throughout the change of the surrounding landscape, from the busiest city with cars and enormous buildings, the further we left the city away, the more deserted the streets were. Little by little the scenery of the crowded city was replaced by the peaceful of the highland with hills and trees. Besides the change of scenery, we could also feel the changing of the temperature, it was getting cooler bit by bit. After arriving at the bus stop for breakfast, we boarded the bus again to continue our journey to Dambri Fall resort. Located 18km away from Bao Loc city, crossing the vast green tea hills, crooked sloping streets, we finally reached Dambri Fall, appearing before our eyes was a dreamy scenery. So splendid the scenery was that we couldn't take our eyes off it. Staying in Dambri brought us many unknown feelings through sleeping in tent, we felt strange at first but gradually felt close to the nature. After receiving the tent, we had lunch and then rested. At 3 pm, all classes were gathering around to join in "Team building" games, which was the highlight of the trip. Each class counts as one team, the teams took turns playing games like 2 people 3 foot, using our arms to make a bridge for the members in the class to go through and see which team finishes it faster, using our bodies to form a symbol of our class. The program was organized to enhance the solidarity and mutual support among all the members, making everyone determined to do their best with high team spirit to win for their class. After the program, all classes went back to their tents to rest and clean, and at 6:00, the groups had dinner. Resting until 8 o'clock, continue to have a very exciting and bustling campfire program. Everyone was excited to participate in the guessing song title, each song featured a place in the country of Vietnam, stretching from the South to the North, which is "Soc Trang squirrel with Soc Trang", " Spring in Ho Chi Minh City "," Who came out of Hue "... After the game, everyone gathered into a big circle around the firewood and countdown together to light fire. After the fire was lit, we all holding each others hands and singing together, the scene became very warm, everyone seemed to be immersed in the blazing fire, the dissatisfaction like disappearing, the image about the landscape and people at the moment, it is engraved on my mind, and now I think I still feel the warmth. After finishing the campfire program, classes came back their tents and could join in others activities freely. My classmates and I brought meat, shrimp, squid to make a barbecue, then we gathered around, joined the fire and took turns roasting the food. After the grill, everyone sat together and sneaked the teacher to drink beer, but unfortunately we were discovered by the homeroom teacher. I thought I would be punished by the teacher because my teacher was a very strict one, but he laughed and told us to drink with him, that would probably be an unforgettable and surprising memory for each of us about our teacher in this trip. I remember that night my class ate until 1 am and then we cleaned up, prepared for bed, in the middle of the night we could felt clearly the cold of the highland. The next morning, we were allowed to go freely around Dambri Fall, there were 3 ways to go up to the waterfall. Tourists can visit the waterfall by walking, or more conveniently we could buy the tickets to go up by elevator. If the visitors want to try something adventurous, they can try the board to move up to the waterfall. Dambri waterfall is located in the precinct of Dambri tourist area with a total area of nearly 1,000 hectares, including a waterfall area, a forest campus,a lake, many sightseeing areas... Along the small road between dense trees, the steps down also covered with green moss. The further you go, the thicker the forest is with rows of vines. Moreover, the sound of waterfalls became louder and louder and everywhere was soggy. Being engrossed in the view of Dambri waterfall, the sky began to rain and the contemplation of our Dambri waterfall was postponed with no regret.

It was still raining heavily until we had to say goodbye to the beautiful scenery here and return to the city.

Although the trip did not last as long as i expected, it remained not only in my mind but everyone’s minds lots of precious and unforgettable memories. It connects individuals and creates a vibrant milestone in every human life. The beauty of Dambri Fall has recorded a strong impression in my heart. And i realized that my hometown - Vietnam, has a lot of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes, I really want to visit the places of my country to admire all those beauty.