Amongst the vibrant lanterns and romantic canals of Hoi An, tragedy has struck. Local businessman, John Jack Pierre, has been murdered. Pierre had plans to destroy part of the ancient town and begin a construction project building a hotel chain. Locals were upset by talk of these plans, yet no one could imagine someone committing such a horrific act. Nonetheless, the murderer remains somewhere in the shadows, and mystery has shaken the charming town. The people need a detective to solve the case and bring peace back to Hoi An. This is where you come in…


At this point, using your trail map detailing the case, you and your group are asked to head out into the streets to unravel the mystery. You will be taken to key Hoi An spots as well as local points off the beaten path, and requested to follow a series of clues to help eliminate the suspects and weapons to solve the mystery. Doesn’t sound like your typical tourist activity, now does it? Hoi An Mystery Trail makes it certain that you and your crew will have an experience unlike anything you have done in Vietnam by handing you your detective hat and magnifying glass. 


Huong and Hang, aged 10 and 11 years old, are two sisters who live in Hoi An, and also happen to own Hoi An Mystery Trail.  The sisters took over the business from a previous teacher, who sought to leave her hard work in good hands before moving on to her next endeavor. With help from their encouraging mum, Huong and Hang now successfully run their own business. 


“It is fun and hard,” the girls answered when asked what it is like to run a business together as sisters. “It is hard because sometimes we have different ideas. It is fun because we can go around the ancient town and try new things and see new places.” Running a business comes with its challenges for any entrepreneur, yet these two youngsters have faced the challenges in a very mature manner. 


“The biggest challenge has been taking the business over as we needed to check and change certain things, such as the original design. It can be frustrating getting some things done. Reprinting our new booklet was difficult, as well as keeping up with all the Facebook and Instagram work. We are very lucky that our mum helps us!”


Lucky for tourists and locals of Hoi An, Hung and Hang plan to keep the Mystery Trail going for a long time. “We think it is a good idea, and both adults and kids have something fun to do in Hoi An,” the sisters explained. “Our favorite part of running Hoi An Mystery Trail is that people like it and give us positive compliments and feedback. Earning money is great because we can put it into our bank or spend it.” 


While the girls are not busy at school or running their business, they like to play using their imaginations, spend time with their friends and watch television. Hang is an aspiring artist, and Huong would like to be a midwife or doctor when she is older. Talk about multi-talented!  


Huong and Hang strive to provide a unique and creative way for you to explore Hoi An. Through solving the mystery, you and your team of detectives will be able to explore the town in a different way.If you are looking for a unique and memorable experience while exploring the beautiful city of Hoi An, be sure to pick up a trail map, and get ready to solve a mystery!