Coffee in Vietnam is a way of life. Wherever you go, you will surely find a coffee shop: from luxurious three-story giants to simple roadside stalls with colored plastic chairs. Coffee in Vietnam is very dense with a strong flavor and high in caffeine. That’s why serving sizes for Vietnamese coffee is much smaller. From the very morning to late night, the Vietnamese people gather in countless coffee shops to chat, work, study, relax and leisurely enjoy a cold glass of сà phê.

Enjoy this 1-HOUR relaxing video from Nha Trang, Vietnam. Plunge into the atmosphere of a morning Vietnamese cafe. Forget about worries, put the video on repeat and relax. White noise of background chattering can be useful for study, sleep, work or just relaxation. Binaural audio with 3D accuracy conveys the cozy ambience of this cliff cafe with amazing soothing sea view.