Mid-Autumn is full of charity. 

Most people, who have been in Vietnam for a while, will know about the Mid–Autumn Festival (also known as the Mooncake Festival) that is celebrated in the streets and homes of Vietnamese people all over the country, by now you have probably seen the famous ‘mooncakes’ that are filled with non-cake ingredients, such as beans… In the past, the festival was supposed to increase fertility, but, nowadays, It’s a beautiful time for family and children. 

Even after 3 years of living in this beautiful country, I’m still uncovering more and more wonderful things everyday. This year I was invited to join a group of volunteers who aim to bring the spirit of the Moon festival to the people living on the streets. So I donated my time and money and invited my family to help deliver over 40 care packages to homeless people on the eve of the full moon. 

Then came the rain.. I thought this would make it difficult to find the people in need but we were able to run out of our donations very quickly. The thing I want to share with you the most is just how awesome the local people are in Vietnam. Not only were the homeless people warm and friendly but we saw 2 other groups of volunteers doing exactly the same thing as us. After talking to the organiser of our group, I realised that the young people in this country are giving back to the community more and more, and there seems to be a growing culture of charity and humanitarianism. Awesome.