Throughout my travels in SE Asia one thing that has been very consistent, is change (UNTIL NOW). Whenever I pay for an item, I usually get change back if the math adds up right. Over the past few months however, particularly in Northern Vietnam (Hanoi and Ha Giang), I have consistently been getting too much change back for the purchases I make. Tragic I know.

It started at a bus stop to Ha Giang where I bought some water and snacks. The total was 30k, I paid with a 50, and received back 70k. Xin loi my friend but your quick maths aren't adding up. I tried to show in sign language that this was the wrong amount to give me, which they probably took as me saying that they didn't give me ENOUGH. My bus driver started yelling at me for holding up the bus, the lady waived me away, and so I left with the money.

"It was just a fluke" I thought. But like every argument I've had with my ex girlfriends, I was wrong. Throughout the next few weeks this continued to happen. Sometimes they gave me 10k too much, sometimes 20, one time 200! I made sure I gave it back each time, although I'm sure some people thought it was an overly generous tip. 

And then my perspective changed. I was back in Saigon and I was reading a review for a popular burger spot about how a lady had been "ripped off" and that all the people at the shop were "con artists" and had shorted her the correct change... I had to see it for myself. So I show price is...mac qua...I give them 503k for a 283k order. I guess this confused them, or they were intimidated by my good looks and couldn't count as well. I received 320k change...smiled...and asked "oh special price?? :D " and stared her down until she blushed and took back the 100k. Then I got her number (no I didn't, I ate my burger and left in a hurry )

After all this went on I recounted the days I was a cashier at a Rite Aid in California and gave people the wrong change quite regularly. It's just a human error and it doesn't matter what country you're in. Many people go to different countries and here so much bad stuff from blogs and social media that they feel like everyone there is trying to rip them off, and that any incorrect change given is a scam attempt. I've seen one star reviews for restaurants in Vietnam because they got charged 2k (about $0.08) for the wet napkin that came with their meal because they were misled into thinking it was free. *sigh*

So yeah. People make mistakes. Some are good others are bad. Yada yada. Don't take things so seriously.