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Green Papaya

Peaceful greetings from Đu Đủ Xanh (Green Papaya)!

At the House of Đu Đủ, we love to welcome you to a nostalgic space, filled with pocket of natural light and green plants. We hope that this place and its peaceful aesthetics will touch you at all your senses – so that when you taste, look, hear, smell, at our house, you will entirely feel “filled” (Đủ).

Our menu offers delightful vegetarian and vegan dishes, from selected natural ingredients, definitely no MSG and cooked by a team of passionate chefs. The menu is inspired by the diverse culinary base from Vietnam and other wonderful regional places.

For we believe, that going vegetarian is a way to feel the peace, mindfulness and calm from inside – to be here and now – and to be “filled” (Đủ).



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