Vietnam Is Awesome – Quan Le: Ha Long Bay

In this captivating podcast, host Niall Mackay, a seasoned Vietnam enthusiast since 2016, welcomes Quan Le, an expert local tour guide from the mesmerizing Halong Bay. Quan Le shares his rich journey from the bustling streets of Hanoi’s hospitality scene to the serene waters of Halong Bay, now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Delving into transforming Halong Bay’s traditional “junk” boats into modern luxury vessels, Quan Le dispels myths and highlights their charm and safety. He guides listeners through the various tour options available in Halong Bay, from day trips to immersive overnight cruises, each offering unique experiences like exploring mystical caves, Tai Chi sessions, and exciting squid fishing adventures.

Quan Le speaks passionately about environmental conservation in Halong Bay, ensuring its natural beauty remains intact for future visitors. Concluding with an enthusiastic invitation, he assures listeners of a tranquil and unforgettable experience in the heart of Vietnam’s Halong Bay.

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In this podcast, I, Niall Mackay, host Quan Le, a local tour guide from Halong Bay. Key points we discuss include:

  • My Guest Quan Le’s Background: Quan Le shares his journey from working in hospitality in Hanoi to becoming a tour guide in Halong Bay. He details the transformation of traditional “junk” boats into luxurious modern vessels, a change sparked by Halong Bay’s UNESCO World Heritage site designation.
  • Understanding Junk Boats: Quan Le clears up common misconceptions about “junk” boats, highlighting their traditional design and safety standards. He contrasts these with the more luxurious boats that have become prevalent in Halong Bay.
  • Exploring Halong Bay: Quan Le recommends various tour experiences available in Halong Bay, ranging from day trips to longer overnight stays. He points out unique activities that tourists can enjoy, such as cave exploration, Tai Chi sessions, and squid fishing.
  • The Impact of COVID-19: We address the challenges faced by the tourism industry during the pandemic and discuss the recovery efforts being made.
  • Preserving Halong Bay’s Environment: Quan Le talks about the initiatives in place to protect the natural beauty of Halong Bay, focusing on pollution management and environmental conservation.
  • Inviting Tourists to Halong Bay: Quan Le encourages listeners to visit Halong Bay, promising a serene and unforgettable experience. He emphasizes that longer stays allow for a deeper connection with the bay’s beauty.

Throughout the episode, our conversation weaves together my insights and Quan Le’s passionate storytelling, showcasing the cultural and natural splendors of Halong Bay.


Welcome to the Vietnam is awesome podcast. We’ll help you discover the real Vietnam with awesome experiences. I’m Neil Mackay, your host. I’ve lived in Vietnam since 2016 and I’m the host of a Vietnam podcast, A comedian, and now brand ambassador for Vietnam is awesome. I came to Vietnam for a two week vacation in 2015 and was immediately taken by the beauty, friendliness, energy, and even all the quirks of Vietnam.

Niall Mackay: 1:38

Now my guest todaY is a local tour guide in Howlambay with years and years of experience and he’s here today to share with you his tips for getting the best out of Howlambay. So thank you so much for joining us all the way from Howlambay, Howlambay, Howlambay. How are you today?

Quan Le: 1:56

I’m very good. Thank you

Niall Mackay: 1:58

So tell me a bit about your background. How did you end up working on the beautiful Halon Bay?Quan Le: 2:04

It seems, quite a long time ago, I started work, for hospitality, like management, hotel, and skill, and I, work in the bar in Hanoi, and when I had a friend, he had many beautiful boat in Ha Long Bay, and the beginning is just called the junk, it’s not called a boat, because it’s made from the wood. So, later on, in, Ha Long Bay, they changing from the government. They want to painting. All the color will be white and then, they build a more luxury boat. But before we just call it like the junk and the tourism are started from 1994. As you know, un UNESCO signed. They were recognize, Ha Long bay and Lan Ha Bay. is one part of the world heritage site for the landscape geography. So. be very popular and famous and that’s the reason why I’ve been very lucky. I, uh, met up the first owner. he’s the one to offer me a job to working in Halong Bay. So that’s how I begin start working on the boat.

Niall Mackay: 3:08

And it’s interesting you talk about them being called junk boats because to me that makes it sound like it’s falling apart. and I, I, I wouldn’t wanna get on a junk boat, but I’ve been on one before. So can you explain then, why is it called a junk boat and does that mean that it’s a piece of junk and it’s falling apart?

Quan Le: 3:27

For the junk boat, it’s like, uh, very tiny and small. It’s not so luxury as, all the luxury boat right now because they had under 10 cabin. And it’s very, uh, tiny bedroom and, uh, the bed. And it’s not so luxury with, like a luxury restaurant or the, like, better five star service. So they do more with the chopstick. They do more with, like local style. And they serving more seafood. So they do more kind of, Vietnamese set menu. So that’s how we call it, uh, Y Trang.

Niall Mackay: 4:01

Right, it’s not falling apart then, so tourists can definitely book a junk boat and they’ll still be safe.

Quan Le: 4:07

Very, I mean, it’s very susceptible because, uh, before they build the boat, they need to get agreement from all the designer and also from the government, like for fire alarm system and all the smoking system, everything like that. So they have to really carefully. And also another thing is for the, um, rapid, population, and they need to get a really big tank from the basement and then it can keep all the fresh water and they can keep all the oil for the engine. And also the junk is, they put up the sail. the sail is not like the Catamaran boat, like the Western style. So it’s just like of, uh, the decoration. So a lot of people, they joining the boat because of the beauty of the scenery of the Ha Long Bay as the world know it. So, they build the boat and, with the sail up. So that’s how we call the junk. And for the design, they call the junk, because of the, sun deck. They build it like the roof. the roof like similar like the pagoda or the temple, so that is the kind of the atmosphere from the Asia, especially in Vietnam. So everywhere you can easy find it when you visit the temple or the visit the pagoda. So they had the dragon. So, Halong Bay is, it’s a story. And also it’s the legion, Halong Bay, we call it like descending dragon. So the dragon, the part of Asia, they really care about because we, do a lot of prayer during the lunar month. Like the half moon and the full moon, so we do the prayer for the healthy and for the happiness. And for another reason is for the religion that we don’t eat any kind of meat or seafood during the periods of the lunar month.

Niall Mackay: 5:55

now you mentioned in the beginning about Howlum Bay is a UNESCO world heritage site. And if I’m right, there are two UNESCO world heritage sites as part of the Howlum Bay region. Is that correct?

Quan Le: 6:06


Niall Mackay: 6:07

So what is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? What does that mean for the region? How does that help tourism and how does it help protect the site?

Quan Le: 6:15

the beginning, for the story is like before the UNESCO site came up, the 1994. So the tourism started from 1990 and, beginning for the local people at 1991. So, later on, people, they find out that, uh, beautiful, landscape and geography of the Harlem Bay, so that’s how they decide for the local people, they build a boat. So the, first boat I remember on 1993 and 1994, before UNESCO came up, is a wooden boat. And they do only daily cruise. They don’t have overnight cruise. And then, for the UNESCO site, since it came up in 1994, the first time and the second time from 2000, they recognized Halong Bay as one of the world’s greatest sites for the landscape and geography because of the beauty. And they had almost 2, 000 of the islands. And here, we don’t call it the sea or the ocean. We call it a bay because of the water here. It’s very shallow. The deepest part is about 30 up to 35 meters deep, and that is go to the ocean. like you can see a lot of boats, they come up from, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, they came up here because of the seaway, but somehow they need to park far away from, uh, The harbor, because of the boat is really big and, the water is very shallow. That’s the reason why the Halong Bay, they had the lesion with over 2, 000s of, uh, the islands or the islets. And for the Lan Ha, it’s a little bit different.

Niall Mackay: 7:50

All right. So for that person listening right now, who’s thinking of going to Ha Long Bay, they’ve never been there before. They’ve seen the beautiful pictures. They know how wonderful it looks. Can you tell me some of the must visit destinations in Ha Long Bay? And what are some of the key highlights of a trip to Ha Long Bay?

Quan Le: 8:06

For the people who, never been to Harburg before, they only saw the picture or some of the red or the video, and for my opinion, for the key to highlight to come up here. They need to, find the trip. For like two day, one night trip, or three day, two night trip, or the daily cruise, and there you will find out they will really worth it when they visit to Halong Bay. And, for the beauty of Halong Bay, many people know about it, so a lot of people, they saw on the, uh, video, YouTube, or any, social media channel, and they’re very excited. And so, as you know, like before COVID, I get many passengers who have to cancel it. So, since they came here, they really… Like, wow, amazing. That’s all the word they was always saying about that.

Niall Mackay: 8:53

So When somebody comes to Holumbee and joins on a cruise, what can they expect to do and what can they expect to see?

Quan Le: 9:00

for them, they, uh, very simple and easy. They just sign up to book and they need to choosing the cruise they want to spend time with. And they do the service like they had the people who give them the program or internaries in advance. So they would know what they’re going to do. For example, Today One Eye, or Today Tonight, or Daily Cruise. They had the entire race, so they will just follow up. And also, in Harlem Bike right now, a lot of company, they invest, really luxury boat, and they work with a lot of foreigner people. So the foreigner people work, cooperate with the Vietnamese, and they build up the better service. So for the people who, just saw the picture or never came here before, they… They feel very welcome. They feel very, flexible when they’re joining and they will have a really, really good time on Halong Bay. That’s for sure.Niall Mackay: 9:52

So, would you recommend doing a day tour or an overnight tour?

Quan Le: 9:56

for my side, they can depend on the timing because, for Westerner who came to Vietnam, they need to plan at least six months or one year before they came up to visit Vietnam. So visit Vietnam, there is many different parts, very beautiful and very stunning. So Ha Long Bay is one of the parts of the tour during, for the… tour, like, a week, 10 days, 12 days, or two weeks. So they can visit the North, the Middle South, or the South of Vietnam. So, whoever came to visit Hanoi, especially they will spend time in Ha Long Bay, because of the famous, because of the beauty. And, there is really, relaxing time and very chill. And very quiet and peaceful and not really noisy like from the city or the crowded place. So that is the reason why a lot of Westerner who want to get really good experience and to spend time in Halong Bay.

Niall Mackay: 10:51

So what are the biggest differences between doing just a day tour and then doing an overnight tour or even two or three nights?

Quan Le: 10:58

For the daily tour, you can spend only six hours, up to eight hours, and you can visit, some of the caves. Highlight is the cave. Like, uh, for the cave, they have three types of cave. for us, we will call, like, the dry cave or the pipe, like the one you can walking on top. With, One Way In and One Way Out. And the famous one I want to, uh, recommend on the postcard right here is, Surprise Cave. Or Amazing Cave. It’s about 10,000 meters. And it’s split by three different chamber. Like One Way In, One Way Out, you need to climb up to the top of the cave. And then you explode the cave by little chamber. And when you go inside, during the raining season, the water, the trouble to get through the crevice, the leaking down from the top up the ceiling, is really cozy And that’s how the stalactite is going up. And for the science, they were researching, when the… They bring the acid carbonate and they’re dripping with water. That’s how they form the the stalagmite going up from the bottom. So when the stalagmite, uh, stalagmite, they, they, they go in form of many, many, many millennia of years and that’s how they create the column. And inside the cave, there we call the sparkling rock or the crystal rock. that keeps shining like a diamond. And when you want to go inside, you can use your imagination to think of some kind of the animals. So that’s somehow for the Westerners, they’re really interested to visit the cave in Ha Long Bay. We call that is the Tri cave. And the second one I want to mention it is the Tunnel Cave. Like you can, uh, you have to know the Thai table in Ha Long Bay really well because the water… Come up from one to three, sometime four meters high and low. Depend on the lunar months and depend on the season, like summer, autumn, winter or the spring. Because the northern part are very different to the middle sun, the south, they only two season, but in the north we have four season and every three months you gonna turn one season. So, uh, and the last one we call the open cave. Like the Open Cave, you can see through or can walk through. And, before in Ha Long they really, trendy and famous for the, uh, organize a special gala dinner inside the Open Cave. But now in government, they, said it’s not safe and clean, some, some of the reason, and they said no, they, they stopped that. So, for the daily cruise, you can visit the cave. They have three different caves, and the second one is a wooden cave, very famous too. But it’s a little bit smaller compared to Suprise Cave. It’s about, 2,000 square meters, like one way in, one way out, and they build up the stairs. And very easy and simple for the people to walk up there. Well, with Massachusetts, it’s not for the people who get, high press or something to do the walking, like trekking step, I mean, and then they can, visit, uh, the beach. And the famous one is called the T Top, T-top Islands. And there, uh, they can, uh, have two options. One, they can climb up to the top of the rooftop. It’s about 400 steps up to the top. It’s about 560, almost 600 meters high from the sea level. When they reach the top, they get all the scenery. You can take a really good shot up there. And a lot of people, they, do climbing, trekking, go up, and then they go down. And they head at the beach, like the natural one. And people can swimming or relaxing or get some time. So that’s people normally they’re doing. the activities, and then they come back to the daily boat, they will, uh, serve the, the lunch. Yeah, like the Vietnamese set menu, or we call the local set menu. Or you can do, uh, any seafood, or depend on the, upon the request from the client. Because if someone, uh, that they read the company, depend on who, what company they will book. But, normally we will check, the food dietary before we serving the guests. So if someone dietary or someone, not eating the seafood or none of the meat or something, so we’ll prepare some other food for the people. And then they will come back the, on the daily boat and they go back to the harbor. So that’s how we finish the daily tour.

Niall Mackay: 15:09

And then what are the main differences then going on an overnight or an extended tour? How much more of the bay do you get to see and what are some of the different attractions that you’ll get to see by going on a longer cruise?Quan Le: 15:23

For the 2 day 1 night tour, you will, uh, first you, uh, start from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay so you will pass by Haiphong City. And before, they don’t have the highway, so normally they spend three and a half an hour. from Hanoi arrived to Ha Long Bay. But seeing the government, they built the highway and like a shorter way and it’s faster for passengers, so whoever can stay late, they don’t need to get up early in the morning. Like before, they had to get up early, like 7, 7. 30, but now they can do it at 8. 30 or 9. So the client, they had more time, don’t need to prepare your luggage or whatever they need or the staff, and they don’t. Feel like rushing because we had the highway and the highway will spend about two hours or sometimes two hours 15 minutes to arrive to Harlem Bay So when you are to Ha Long Bay you will check in and they will they will check in your luggage and they had local tour guide or the GM they will pick up the guests and we’ll show them, what cabin, what type cabin, and they go checking the food in advance. And then, people waiting like 15, 20 minutes for boarding. So when they boarding, they will have the welcome drink. So depend on the company, some company, they will offer the local tea. Some people, they will offer like tropical fruit juice or something like this. And then when you check in, you will enjoy the first meal is uh, the lunch on, on the boat. And after the lunch, you have like an hour to take a nap and relaxing, and then you will join the tour. So joining the tour is depend on the company because they have quite many options they can choose. Between joining or stay on the boat. Yeah, and after activities in Ha Long Bay right now, they have kind of, tea sunset, or they do the cooking class. They will, uh, show and teach the Westerner how to make their local food and they prepare the recipe. So, when they’re joining the cooking class, when they go back home, they can make themselves the food in like exactly what they touch. And after they can enjoy the massage, you can relaxing on the boat and then they will serving the dinner. So after the dinner, they were having the nighttime squid fishing. It’s quite funny and very interesting because, the squid, they had a season and the season, it is from April to May. That is a high season for the squid and you can catch like one kilo, two kilo easily. Yeah, but, some kind of Western, uh, the high season starts from November until March. So during that time, they had left of the squid and many, Client, they was, not happy because they say, Oh, did you do activities on the, he said, the squid fishing, but end up, they kept none. But I said, no, when you go for the hunt, you need to be patient and you need to, you know, spend time. Sometimes you lucky you catch it, sometimes you’re not. So whoever not catching that, I said, you’re saving so many with life. Yeah. And then, the, the, you know, they will joining and they will. Have some drink before they go to bed and, early in the morning is very nice and beautiful because of the sun and you can hear the birds singing. You can see the sunrise. Also up the deck that is really open there. Really big Sunday and there you can join in Tai Chi session with slow motion. Good for the back, good for the knees and very excited and a lot of people were joining and Westerner, they don’t actually do the Tai Chi that much compared to Yeah, especially Vietnam or Chinese, but when they perform, they’re doing is very, very interesting. And I really love it. When I, uh, work with them, I share the Tai Chi session with them. Very funny. And they have really smiling on the face every morning. And that’s very nice. And after that, depend on the entire race of people enjoy a different tour on in the morning like kayaking or swimming or not. So that is depend on the, the, the hobby of the client if they wanted to do it or not. So it’s not, uh, they have to follow all the schedule. So it’s just depend on what they want. to do so upon the credit from the client. So we do the service. At nighttime, very quiet and very peaceful, especially during, uh. My opinion, the best period to visit Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha Bay, or Ca Pa is October and November. That is the best period. Because it’s like just the middle of the autumn, it’s not too hot, not too cold, not foggy. You can get the sunshine, you can see the blue sky. And in the noontime, the weather are very chill. And if you had a, um… Glasses, the cocktail up to the sundae. That will be awesome.

Niall Mackay: 20:19

Well, so I’ve been to Halbe before and I did the one night crew overnight cruise. And I absolutely loved it. And you’re bringing back so many memories, what you’re describing.’cause I remember doing lots of this stuff and one of the biggest benefits that I thought from doing the overnight cruise was because you can go further out into the Bay and those three caves that you mentioned, if you only do a day tour. Generally, those three caves are very busy. Is that correct? There’s long lines to get in. You said it’s one way in, one way out. So I remember there was like long lines to go in and out, which makes it a little less enjoyable. But when you do the overnight tour, you can go further into the bay, so you see less people. It’s even more relaxing, more quiet. And the boat we were on, which I can’t remember the name, was, you know, beautiful, exactly like you described. You get your own bunk, dinner was amazing. You can have some drinks on the deck. And just a really beautiful way. I think if, if, if a tourist has the time to spend one extra day in Ha Long Bay, I would absolutely recommend it because I think they will get so much more out of it. So what are those extra attractions that you can see if you go on the overnight tour?

Quan Le: 21:30

For the daily tour, it’s even shorter, so it’s kind of very rushing. And for two day, one night, it’s nice. But from my opinion, people should do three day, two night. Why? The first, they need to pack up from Hanoi. They’re very rushing to Halong Bay, and then they spend only one night. in Ha Long Bay and they had to check out at 9. 30 the next morning and they feel very rushing again. So a lot of people were saying like, I came here, why the people don’t recommend it that I need to be stay here for two nights. Because tonight, you get more timing, you get more relaxing, you don’t have to worry about how to pack up your luggage, you have to go to the next spot. So a lot of people will decide to stay for three days tonight. And, three days tonight, the day after the first day, you will transfer to a very beautiful boat, very quiet, because you can go further to the bay. Which is, all the boats are rushing back to the mainland, and only the boat be there. You can see like 2, 000 of the islands, only your boat, with the beautiful and stunning blue sky and the weather, that will be the best. So a lot of people, they will join in the three days to nine, because on second day, they will transfer to the boat, they will have the very privacy. And they will have like only two or two people on the boat, depend on the group, but normally even two people, we serve two people on the boat, they will get all the crew, like six crew, we’ll serve them in two, which is very luxury. And a lot of people really, really love it. They said they pay what they worth it for. And they really. Happy and enjoying. So from my opinion, whoever wants to visit, Vietnam, Hanoi, especially HạLong Bay or Lan Ha Bay, they need to spend at least two day, one night or three day, two night. And if you don’t have much of the time, you can join in the tour, daily tour. Also you can spend time on the mainland, which is very cozy too. Now in Halong Bay, a lot of people, they joining the daily tour.

Niall Mackay: 23:35

Yeah, they’re very busy on

Quan Le: 23:36

Yeah, very.

Niall Mackay: 23:37

What has been some of the biggest changes you’ve seen since COVID?

Quan Le: 23:42

my big change discovered here is, the employees, which is, a big headache for all the companies because for in Vietnam, three years, that is a hardest time. It’s like a nightmare. A lot of people got a jobless. So many people, uh, get really tough life. They get one meal a day and they don’t know. A lot of people working for tourism, they were crying because all they know is the boat. All they know is service. All they know is working with Westerners. But during that time in Vietnam, the government, they blocked everywhere. You’re not allowed to do anything. You only, you stay at home, keeping safe and clean. So after the COVID, the big changing is like we have really big support from our government. They, Open more for tourism and they get light of the tax and they offer more the people job. And now in Ha Long Bay, they build many, many luxury boat, which is a lot of million dollar. And that is a really good signal from our government. Also, we opening for visa and for the, uh, Westerner. So now we, the science, we get it, the results from the tourism company that the number is coming up. And a lot of people will come back and a lot of people newer will come up here to visit Vietnam and Ha Long Bay. Which is, we are very, very happy and a lot of employees are very excited and they are ready to do the good job.

Niall Mackay: 25:07

I’m so happy to hear that and it has been tough for everyone around the world and especially in the food and beverage or the hospitality industry and especially for staffing. And so I guess I would say to anyone visiting Harlem Bay is, is be kind to the staff, be patient with the staff. They might be new on the job or they’ve been through such a tough time, but I’ve been here for seven years now, my first came here eight years ago, and I’ve noticed the improvement in the service has become better and better every year. And obviously we have Western standards of what we expect of service and More and more and more, I think Vietnam is stepping up its training and it’s what it delivers in terms of hospitality. So, but again, yeah, for anyone visiting Ha Long Bay, I would say just be understanding that people were out of work for a long time and it was difficult, but I mean, one of the great things about Vietnam, you will always be met with a smile and you’ll always be. helped with whatever you need and it makes Vietnam such a, such a wonderful country. Now with the increasing tourists, one of the problems that every tourist site faces is more and more environmental problems like more trash, more fuel, more litter, more destruction of the natural environment. So how do the companies in Ha Long Bay protect the environment and make sure that the environment is looked after? Now and for the future.

Quan Le: 26:28

So, this is a very good question. That is a really big headaches from the government also. But somehow we give up many solution that the first they need to clean up the bay and no pollution. Why? Because the trash is going up. It’s not just from the human. It’s also from some part because the Vietnam very close to China and, somehow we, the government, they give up. The first of the boat they built, they need to get the iron boat. So for this story, I need to come up with the junk and the boat, because now all the boat in Ha Long Bay, they had the limited before. They had 500, but now they get under like 300 up to 2050 boat with luxury, safety and clean. So that’s how they give you the license. that you allow to pick up the, and welcome the client from over the world. And also they need to get the first is for the water. The water on the boat, they need to get a filter. They need to get, really clean and nice because all the water that pummels from the mainland. And also from the tank is from the iron. So for the hands, they need to do really carefully. And we had the, person in charge who look after all of this for the like have the engineer from the government they will checking all the boat that you allow to you know working on the to get the water everything on the boat and also for the oil and also for all the trash So from the trash in Halong Bay, especially during the high tide or the low tide I the chart is come up and float on the water, so I saw many that, which is very painful. And now a lot of company tourism, when they was give up the pushing the government, they need to, come, give up the idea like 1 for one plastic bottle or somehow like this. So to clean up and, and keep the clean of the mother earth, who gave us a beautiful place like Halong Bay or Lan Ha Bay. So from the government now they make really strict. And they make really tiny. And also for the, all the tourism company, we have to sign up with the government that if any person working on a boat or the guests, you will put something on the trash. You will pay a lot of money. So now they, they come up with a new idea that to try to save and clean up the environment. So we are trying very hard right now. And we Hope that in the future, the trash will be less and, give up the, for us, a beautiful place for everyone. Can whoever come to Vietnam and visit Ha Long Bay, they will love it.

Niall Mackay: 29:03

Excellent. I love it. That makes me so happy. I think, you know, Vietnam does have a problem with trash and it’s good to hear that it is being addressed even at a government level. And so for people that maybe don’t realize that things are happening and people like yourself and businesses are making an effort to make things cleaner so that that’s really exciting. Quan, thank you so, so much. Every time I make an episode, I just get excited to travel and see more of Vietnam. Can you describe to the listener who has either been to Ha Long Bay or they’ve never been, and they’re thinking about going again. Give that person a reason why they should come to Ha Long Bay.

Quan Le: 29:40

for my side, I promise with everyone, whoever not come to visit Ha Long Bay is a big mistake for them because of the beauty. So I think if they want to get really quiet. Yeah, chill, nice, peaceful, with, you know, the sunshine, and they should visit Halong Bay, they will have really great time. If they not, I will return the money for them, no worry.

Niall Mackay: 30:08

Oh, you’ve heard it then, you’ve heard it from Quan. Quan, you’re going to regret saying that when a thousand people show up and then they all tell you that they don’t like it, but I’m sure, I know that they won’t regret it either and I thoroughly recommend it as well. So Quan, thank you so, so much. It’s been an absolute pleasure talking to you. Your boat looks beautiful. I can see it in the background on your video and the next time I come up to Hanoi, I will let you know and I will definitely be coming on one of your cruises.

Quan Le: 30:33

Thank you Niall, thank you everyone. I hope everyone well and look forward to welcome you in Halong Bay, so whether I said it’s true or not. Thank you all.Niall Mackay: 30:43

Thank you, Kwon.

Quan Le: 30:44

Thank you.