Discover The Underground Arts Scene In Saigon With Truong Que Phuong And Sabra Johnson

Uncover the Unique Aspects of Saigon’s Underground Art Scene

In this episode of the Vietnam is Awesome podcast, host Niall Mackay takes us on a journey into the vibrant underground art scene of Saigon. He introduces us to two extraordinary individuals who are at the forefront of this creative movement: Truong Que Phuong, the owner of Twist Cafe and Barzinga, and Sabra Johnson, the creator of the Jackfruit Cabaret Show.


– Truong Que Phuong is the owner of Twist Cafe and Barzinga, two premier LGBTQ+ venues in Saigon.

– Sabra Johnson is the creator of the Jackfruit cabaret show and the founder of Eva Dance Company.

Discussion Points:

  • The LGBTQ+ scene in Vietnam and its acceptance in big cities like Saigon and Hanoi.
  • An overview of LGBTQ+ venues in Saigon, including Twist Cafe and Barzinga.
  • Collaboration between Truong Que Phuong and Sabra Johnson to create the Jackfruit cabaret show at Barzinga.
  • Exploring the concept of burlesque cabaret and how it combines stripping with theater and variety performances.
  • Addressing the unique atmosphere of Barzinga and its resemblance to the creative vibe of Berlin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Vietnam is surprisingly progressive and LGBTQ+ friendly, especially in big cities like Saigon.
  • Saigon’s underground art scene offers a diverse range of experiences, from drag shows to comedy and music events.
  • Barzinga provides a unique atmosphere reminiscent of Berlin’s creative clubs.
  • The Jackfruit cabaret show brings elegance and grunge together, showcasing the talent of local dancers and performers.


LQBTQ+ Friendly Venues and Events In Saigon

  • Twist 
  • Barzinga
  • Frolic
  • Pride Cafe
  • Gender Funk
  • Haus of Drag

Join Niall Mackay as he delves into the hidden world of Saigon’s underground art scene in this captivating episode of the Vietnam is Awesome podcast. Discover the unique experiences awaiting you and gain insights into the LGBTQ+ community’s acceptance in Vietnam. Prepare to be inspired, informed, and intrigued!

Niall Mackay: 0:54
Welcome to the Vietnam is awesome podcast where we uncover the true essence of Vietnam through awesome experiences.I’m your host,Niall Mackay,a long time resident of Vietnam.Comedian and brand ambassador for Vietnam is awesome.And this podcast I dealt with behind the stereotypes of this incredible country.I’ll be exploring the hidden gems,the untold stories and the awe-inspiring moments that make Vietnam truly awesome.Today I have the privilege of sharing with you.An interview with two extra ordinary individuals who are producing a one of a kind show in Saigon.Today,I’m talking to the owner of Twist Cafe and Barzinga,Truong Que Phuong,and the creator of the Jackfruit cabaret show Sabra Johnson.Barzinga opened its doors in june2022,as an arts bar hosting saigon’s playful young and creative scene.Jackfruit is saigon’s newest cabaret show directed by Seabra for her dance company Eva.Jackfruit and Barzinga’s collaboration has proved to be a magical meeting bringing elegance and grunge together into Saigon’s underground scene Join us as we uncover the unique aspects of Saigon’s underground art scene,that will leave you surprised and excited to find out more.This episode is invaluable for anyone seeking something different to do in Saigon or you’re maybe wondering if Vietnam is a for the LGBTQ plus community.Whether you’re planning your first,second,third,fourth,fifth visit,or you already live here,this episode is perfect for you.Get ready to be inspired,informed,and intrigued.As we dive deep into the Saigon underground art scene right here on the Vietnam is awesome podcast.Thank you very much for coming on the Vietnam Is awesome podcast.

Phuong Que Truong: 3:08
Well,thank you for inviting us.

Niall Mackay: 3:11
You own Twist Cafe?And that is one of the premier lgbtq plus venues,bars,restaurants,cafes in Saigon.I think people who don’t know much about Vietnam,one of the questions they might be asking is,is it accepting of the LGBTQ plus community here?will they be welcomed if they come,and where do they go?

Phuong Que Truong: 3:33
I would say like Vietnam is surprisingly very,Progressive,toward L B T right now,they are,I think it’s very LGBT q plus friendly in Vietnam already comparing to Thailand,we can be like,let’s just say like nine and10,something like that.And,especially I don’t really know very much and very well about the more like the rural area for people in the countryside,but for big cities like Saigon,Hanoi,and in like all the big city,it’s,it’s completely fine.As a,well,actually,actually as a country,we are,we are peaceful and we are friendly and then we don’t,we just don’t,don’t really harm people from being themself.And there’s also like a lot of things to do,if you follow like a few different groups on,On Facebook or on Instagram,then you can easily find there’s a bars and there’s a cafes,for ltbt plus,community in Vietnam,Saigon.Like a twist.Now we have Barzinga.There is a frolic I would say a little bit muddier and we will have like a bride cafe we will have next level and there’s another one from the owner of a bride cafe that they just open not too long ago that I forgot the name.And you can also follow a lot of track.Community.Now we have,gender firm,we have House of Illusion,uh,we have,uh,house of God and stuff like that.So I think it’s,it’s very,it’s very nice and open for people to,to come to Vietnam,to be as gay as they want.

Niall Mackay: 5:29
Well,it is one of the things that I love about Vietnam and uh,and you mentioned it,it’s surprising.I think most people who’ve not been here,who don’t know here would probably expect it not to be accepting.And you mentioned about the rural areas.That’s probably the same in any western country as well.You go to any western country,the the main cities are accepting,and as soon as you go to the countryside,Changes a little bit for whatever reasons,but it is amazing here in Saigon.And uh,I do love Twist cafe.You guys do amazing cocktails there as well.and you mentioned some amazing bars.So if you are visiting Vietnam,you are wondering about the LGBTQ scene.Um,films just told you some amazing bars that you can check out and it is very accepting here.So you went from Twist Cafe,then you opened Barzingaand you mentioned it’s a bit dirtier.

Phuong Que Truong: 6:13
No,Barzingais not dirtier.I mean frolic,

Niall Mackay: 6:15
Frolic is do,but you mean not,not in cleanliness,right?You don’t mean it’s dot here.Like it’s,

Phuong Que Truong: 6:20
no,it’s,it’s not the sanitation I’m talking about.

Niall Mackay: 6:23
a different kind of dous.But tell us more about Barzinga then.cuz I did a show there with you.I did a comedy show there and we had a lot of fun and it’s a cool little venue.So tell more about that.Where is it,where could people find it?

Phuong Que Truong: 6:35
Barzingais located in district one right next to the side of a bridge that lead to D four directly from,uh,market.So there’s a street from Banan Market and you used to go straight and instead of like crossing

Sabra Johnson: 6:51
So say it.

Niall Mackay: 6:52
You’re gonna expect the listeners to listen to the podcast Walk.Oh,there’s a bridge.There’s a street.Is it this one?I don’t know.She’s saying that we walked Maya Bridge.I don’t know.Is it,

Sabra Johnson: 7:02
Which bridge?

Phuong Que Truong: 7:03
It’s on Cam

Niall Mackay: 7:04
there we go.

Phuong Que Truong: 7:04
There we go.

Niall Mackay: 7:06
But it Isn’t in,the main tourist area,which is cool.And we want this podcast in a showcase.Places are a little bit off the beaten track that you wouldn’t find if you’re walking down Bui Vien,for example.So it is relatively close to Bui Vien.It is in district one,but it’s a little bit off the beaten track.So,um,we’ll post it in the show notes,the,the address as well.We’ll write down your directions.

Phuong Que Truong: 7:26
Thank you.

Niall Mackay: 7:26
Go by the bridge.Turn right.

Phuong Que Truong: 7:29

Sabra Johnson: 7:29
under the bridge through the hem.

Niall Mackay: 7:32
Now Sabra.So you have Eva Dance Company.How did you guys collaborate together to create a new show called Jackfruit

Sabra Johnson: 7:40
Phuong wanted some show in her in Barzinga cuz she was having many shows,like drag shows or comedy shows or music.And I dance and I also have a dance company,so she really was like,oh,I want you to do something,so do something,do something.And I was putting it off and putting it off.And then,um,one day I was like,okay.I’m in rehearsals for it,we’re gonna rehearse.She said,okay,when is it gonna be?I said,in two months and it’s gonna run for two years.And she said,what?So she started to help me,like really help me put up Barzinga,I mean,really put up the,the,the stage.And she even built the dressing room in like the back of the bar.So she built a dressing room for us.And she’s in the show.So she also is rehearsing with us,the dancers.I have five dancers and then fun,the mc,and we do,um,an English night and a Vietnamese night.And our opening weekend was three shows to kind of get the ball rolling.And every month we play two nights.So it’s every month,a Friday and a Saturday.This month is the third month,and like I said,I plan to go for two years.

Phuong Que Truong: 8:49
So we have like,200

Niall Mackay: 8:52

Sabra Johnson: 8:52
Yes,That’s right.That’s right.that’s right.

Niall Mackay: 8:55
two months.How did the collaboration between Eva and Barzinga come about

Sabra Johnson: 9:00
Eva is my dance company and Barzinga is Fun’s.Uh,new bar and Sabre and Fun are dating.She wanted a show in Barzinga.She throws events,so she has many,like drag shows or open mic nights.Music like she liked.Anything to come around.And she kept asking me like,oh,please do something.And I said,if I do something,I’m going to like do something big.I am going to put the time in.So eventually,six months later I started with my company to rehearse.Jackfruit a Caba.It’s a burlesque cabaret and She was very,uh,helpful.She even knocked out walls in Barzingaand some stairs for us to have space.I asked her for a new stage.She got me a stage like Legos,so I can put it in different shapes and things.We got curtains.We made it into a whole theater vibe and.Yeah,she also is the mc,the Master of ceremony in the show.So our collaboration is more than just her,like offering the space and me putting up the show.We really have put our time and our care into this and she even performs in the show.So it’s a very nice collaboration and the show I would say is,Pretty elegant.And,Baringa is pretty grungy,so they meet in the middle and it also gives it some extra,extra sexy vibe.

Niall Mackay: 10:32
Now what is burlesque cabaret show?

Sabra Johnson: 10:35
good question.Burlesque is traditionally it’s stripping.And burlesque would be the name we gave to it to make its more stage like friendly,like theater friendly.So long ago.We,of course,in the west,in Europe,in America,we will know burlesque so well.It’s exactly that too.Strip and make it into theater and cabaret.Is our very old form of theater.A cabaret is a variety of either singers,dancers,musicians,comedy,acting,master of ceremonies.Any sort of talent is allowed to be in a cabaret,so I call it,cabaret,because I want,I like that theme,that old style theme that has many varieties.It’s not necessarily a story,it’s many variety.I have my mc and I have my dancers,and I have always a special guest and usually I will invite a singer every month.And burlesque,I wanted to do something very sexy.Vietnam will have many rules about that,so actually we cannot.Be completely naked,but I will go to as far as I can.And so it’s in that sense it’s burlesque in that sense.I really take that for inspiration.

Niall Mackay: 11:55
I was going to ask that because anyone listening might be thinking,Vietnam,it’s a communist country,it’s ultra-conservative.How can you do a burlesque cabaret here?”So anyone thinking that’s not possible in Vietnam,can you explain how it is possible here?

Phuong Que Truong: 12:11
Well,let’s just say that we are trying our best to be very close to the limits,the batter battery of,of all of the legal regulations of,of Vietnam?And,uh,we trying,we trying not to cross anything to too aggressive.that’s why for the girls in the show,they are still being covered.And,uh,so far we’re not breaking any rooms because as,other people who’ve seen the show,they can also compare how much they see as it is in our show.And it is in the backpackers area where there’s like sexy dancers,but the quality is basically,uncomparable and that is the only,I would say like the not the only,but like the most effective way for us to protect ourself from breaking any law and being illegal.

Niall Mackay: 13:11
So can you describe the unique atmosphere that tourists will find at the Jackfruit cabaret show at Barzinga?

Phuong Que Truong: 13:18
Barzinga looked like,and it feel like a basement club with broken walls and weird features in the house,and it,it bring you the feeling of Berlin nightclub.And at the beginning it’s like a Barzinga Saigon.Now,um,slowly turn it into like Barzinga Social Club,cuz I only wanna do events and,uh,I wanna have it into a bar for art only.

Sabra Johnson: 13:48
Berlin is known as an international creative hub for many,many years.And so,even60,70years ago,they,they have that freedom,freedom in,in creativity.We had some nice compliments from some directors around the city that actually are even a Vietnamese,German,or been to Germany,or even they’re in France,and they instantly told us like,oh,it reminds us of Berlin in the sixties.So I think it has the same connotation as like Paris in the1900or New York in the nineties.You know,and Saigon right now is also in its creative,like how would you like the,the,not the height of it,but it’s on its way.So in in the arts.In anything like music or painting or dancing or singing,anything like that,in that community,right now,everything’s very open,so there’s no rules.So you have,you can see a lot of things,you know,it’s not,nothing’s become the fad or the fashion yet.Right.So Saigon’s quite open to things happening.So the things that are happening are underground,which I think is that feeling of Berlin.Berlin is so underground and grungy,you know,and Saigon is also quite,it has its underground scene.You have to,it’s there,but you have to look for it.It’s not like now you go to New York and we know it cuz you know exactly where to go because it’s.Already on Instagram,you know,it no longer has that mysterious vibe.And Saigon is right now in that moment,like it has those things,but you must know where to go.And I think Jackfruit falls right in that way,that we want to keep it a little bit mysterious for its content.But also Barzinga is very nice,like fun explained.It has that.It’s an art like social club and it’s a little bit hidden and Jackfruit,I made it like the highest quality I can,you know,I made it the highest quality,so it’s beautiful and my girls are gorgeous.The dancers are fantastic and the space is just very cool and sometimes things in life just kind of meet all of the stars at the right time.And Jackfruit in Barzinga is one of those things.

Niall Mackay: 16:13
it’s a really exciting time to be in Vietnam and I feel really lucky to have been here at this moment in time.Previous guest Oscar Wright compared Hanoi right now to Paris,1950s.And the creative scene there.He compares the scene there in terms of the outdoor culture,the poetry,the creative scene up there.So it’s really interesting that you’re comparing Saigon to the same.And we think of Saigon as this economic behemoth cuz it’s just developing so quickly here in this,it’s the center of business,Vietnam,such a growing economy.But that’s really exciting as well to hear that at the same time the creative scene is coming up.And I love that,that it’s underground right now.You really do have to search it out.

Sabra Johnson: 16:52
Yeah,you really do.But there’s a lot of art,a lot of the singers,the dancers,the musicians.

Niall Mackay: 16:58
So what inspired the concept behind the Jackfruit Cabaret Show,and how does that tie into the Bellin underground scene that you mentioned from the fifties and the sixties?

Sabra Johnson: 17:08
Actually I,I wanted to make a show for many years now,even before I came to Vietnam,I wanted a company with girls and I wanted it,I wanted to eventually have shows that are for the after hours.I liked the night,so even I was imagining shows that start at10or11:00PM there’s always like a late night society in a big city like,like Saigon,and it’s nice to have something fun to do other than just.Drink,drink,drink,drink,drink.So,um,I had that vision.I wanted to have that old school vibe of a lounge where you go and you will see some shows,but you can enjoy the night.So it’s not the same to go to the opera house that I want you to come.You have some drinks you enjoy.The show happens.You can smoke or do whatever you like to do,show finishes.You feel nice and energized,you continue to enjoy through the jackfruit specifically,I wanted to use a poem.I wanted to use a poem,and I wanted to be quite attractive,like sexually.And so I had asked Fung if there was,any poem in Vietnamese that was,that,that was very sexy and alluring.And she told me about the poet.Yeah,so so she’s,A few hundred years old,but the Vietnamese will know her very well.And yeah,so brings up the,the,the poem.And the poem is called Jackfruit.And in English it’s not translated very well.Yeah.As you know,like English and Vietnamese are,Too hard to like intertwine.So in Vietnamese it’s really like too kinky.And so,you know,she said,it sounds so nice.And I like the idea of jackfruit because it’s unexpected,you know?So I immediately,I liked the sound of jackfruit and I wanted to begin with this poem.So I started to build the whole piece.Like I started to build a piece out of that piece,that piece of information.And.Um,I changed the name a few times.At first I really wanted the show to be called like woman or something.In that way,we tried to find the word also in Vietnamese,like,dang ba or Newton,like something very,very sexy,very direct,uh,very mature as well as,Open,not too,not too limiting.And then,then I change,I heard this jackfruit.I liked that idea.I tried to play with other things like Phuong had another name she used to use for something.It’s called Melon,but in Vietnamese she will say it

Phuong Que Truong: 19:47

Sabra Johnson: 19:48
and it’s

Phuong Que Truong: 19:49
desire and pussies.

Sabra Johnson: 19:50
Yeah,just like,so the play on words.So I thought,oh,maybe we can use this cuz she already has it,so it’s very nice.But then in English,like melon,it doesn’t have the same connotation,you know?It’s too simple.And so,and any other one is like,too obvious,like strawberry or cherry jackfruit still was like,it’s so,so inconspicuous.And then jackfruit it’s so dynamic,you know?So I personally don’t care for jackfruit,but I guess it must give you many things to like,it’s spiky,so,and it’s actually a huge fruit.It can be up to10,15pounds,you know,it’s very huge fruit.And then you,when you smash it,break it,cut it open.It’s full of these like quite thick pieces with huge seeds.It’s a little bit sweet.It’s creamy.It’s,has like quite a strong smell almost to Dion It has so many visuals and senses to it.So we ended up going with Jackfruit and in Vietnamese it’s mit.And so I like that.So actually everybody will ask like,what does it mean and what,why jackfruit?And I say Exactly,I just like that it makes you question already.So we started to,Yeah,we use the name and then I start to build the show.And the show is made of five parts and my five parts.Part one is body and part two is dangerous.Part three is bondage.Part four will be our special guest.And part five will be vintage.So within those,I play with the word,I play with the dancer.I play with the artist and it’s very,uh,variety in what you get to see.So I like that I’m very American in my way to entertain and as the mc,she will have tied like jackfruit.Into women,into art.So it’s quite complex,but also easy to eat.I think the show is quite easy to eat.You don’t have to,you won’t leave going.What did it mean?It’s not that kind of show.It’s really just sit back,have a drink,really entertain,uh,really enjoy and enjoy woman and enjoy the many parts,sides,feelings she has to offer.

Niall Mackay: 22:07
you mentioned Phuong earlier,Gender Funk,how does this show add to that Saigon underground scene?How does it add to the LGBTQ scene here as well?

Phuong Que Truong: 22:16
So basically the show is to flaunt women.To,to,to tell that like how sexy women are and,and how much we love the beauty of a woman.The show itself is thrown at an LGBTQ friendly space.And,uh,one or two,actually now we have like two LQBTQ member in the team,both of us playing.Uh,the,the part of Being a woman’s lover.So I,I think it’s a,it’s a LGBTQ included enough.And also to be honest,that we wanna show of the beauty of a woman as much as the track queens wanna show of their like feminine beauty.And for,in my opinion,this is the origin of.Of beautiful,sexy woman that the,the origin of the image of,of what,uh,drag queens are following.And at the same time,very entertaining.That’s all what all we wanna show.And we have,um,our community and our friend come and see the show and all.We also trying to like inspire.People inspired our friend,our community to be,you know,to be girly or like to be the other way,or to be whatever way.But the art that we are bringing into the community,I think is necessary.Otherwise it’s gonna be boring.

Niall Mackay: 23:59
Are there any specific tips that you would give tourists coming to Saigon about where to visit for the underground bar scene or the underground creative scene in Saigon?

Phuong Que Truong: 24:08
There’s a place called Elephant in Thao Dien

Sabra Johnson: 24:12

Phuong Que Truong: 24:13
way you actually like sitting on

Sabra Johnson: 24:14
yeah,if you like,there’s,there’s quite a few bars so you can find them like,Because it’s full of expat,but it’s slowly growing into its own little community as well.And a lot of people from outside either like,uh,foreigner or even Viet Kieu or Vietnamese,like Phuong will open up very cool things there.There’s space and so it’s.Really eclectic.So a lot of nice places to eat,a lot of cool like bars,maybe a rooftop or maybe like a late night moody bar,like some Japanese spot.They love vinyl or even a lot of new Korean.So there’s a lot of spots like that.Um,within,around the city.You know,now in Benton,how they’ve opened.They’ve been doing the construction for so long and now they’ve finally opened up all of those streets.So yeah,we’re all short in six months,like.They’re all going to be filled with new sort of like stores and exhibition and,um,but along the lines of,yeah,I think when people come to Vietnam,you want to see some history.You want to see a little bit of what’s happening now and you really want to eat the food,right?So food is best,like D4is a fun place to go to eat food,right?around D one,around like where Barzinga is,Barzinga and there’s some other,you can walk around the streets and they will have like,you can enter into some random buildings and they’ll be full of little like You know,20meter size like bars and a mixology,like cocktails becoming very popular.So they will have a lot.So you can kind of walk around and easily find terms of like little art spaces.They’re more and more so exhibition,I think you have to search a little bit like on Instagram,but then there’s other bars,like Baringa is an event club.Bardo is an event space D2Somas also,there’s also,you know,they have social nights like dancing if you like,like Afro or Salsa,you know,there’s like a,but Broma,Observatory also throws like big parties.Lighthouse throws big parties,so there’s.Things you must look out for them.But there’s

Niall Mackay: 26:21
there’s so much to do in Saigon that you wouldn’t

Sabra Johnson: 26:23

Niall Mackay: 26:24
I think everybody expects that they’re gonna come and eat pho.Yeah.They’re gonna go to the Mekong Delta.They’re gonna see buffalos and rice patties.And then you come here and,and I,hopefully people listening to this will realize plan so much more.Like if you wanna,I think this.Even for me,when friends come to Saigon,you’re like,oh,I don’t really know what to do.It’s only like you’re gonna go to the post office in Notre Dame and,and you’re gonna do the usual,but you just,you only need a couple of days here.But you,I mean,I,part of the reason I’ve been here for seven years now is we got here and we were like,we don’t want to leave.There’s just so much to do.We need to keep,and there’s seven years later,there’s still so much,there’s even more

Sabra Johnson: 26:57
to do.Yeah,that’s right.There’s even more to do.

Niall Mackay: 27:00
What are some of the signature cocktails or drinks that tourists should try while attending jackfruit?

Phuong Que Truong: 27:05
I think the spicy one is really good.I,I really like the spicy one

Niall Mackay: 27:11
Does it have a name or It’s just called the spicy one?

Phuong Que Truong: 27:14
No,we,we only listed our cocktail by,uh,the flavor.It,it would,it gives,so we have like spicy,sweet,bitter,creamy,and sour and sour.In sour.So that’s the five cocktails that,uh,the main,the main taste that they will give you is,is the name of the cocktail by

Sabra Johnson: 27:40
So spicy is Wasabi

Niall Mackay: 27:42
Oh,no no,no wasabi.That’s disgusting.I was all excited there for a spicy cocktail?

Phuong Que Truong: 27:47
it’s,uh,yeah,it’s not for pussies.I mean,it’s,it’s,it’s,it’s not for a spicy hater.

Niall Mackay: 27:55
no,I love spice.I just don’t like whata.

Phuong Que Truong: 27:57
but it’s it is,it is in a cocktail and it’s made in a special way.But,uh,if you don’t like that,that’s totally fine.And,also I think the sweet one,you should,uh,you should try too because,uh,we just change it.And right now,if you order the sweet one in the show is just a shot of,cream,the cacao,and it’s very nice.It’s a Vietnamese made from cacao in rice.So it’s,it’s very,very nice.

Niall Mackay: 28:29
To wrap up,what makes Barzinga and Jackfruit a standout must visit for any tourist coming to Vietnam?

Phuong Que Truong: 28:37
I would say it’s the perfect combination between pure entertainment,from dance,the venue and also the dirtiness of both of us when we combined.

Sabra Johnson: 28:52
I think it’s very unique.You won’t find the show anywhere else in Saigon For sure.Or the experience,the full experience to,to go to the bar to be late night.So it’s not just a show and after you can go,it really is like you can take the night and do.Jackfruit.So you will go and see Barzinga,you’ll have some drinks,you’ll see a beautiful show.It runs about it,it runs about an hour and a half.You can order,you have your drinks during the show,and then when we finish,you sit,you chit chat,you contemplate life,smoke your cigar,continue the evening well to4:00AM These are my dreams.I like late night.So I think it’s a full night experience.And,um,yeah,it’s,it’s,it’s one that.Can be compared with any great cabaret,I believe,in the world.So for something different and unexpected,I believe you should come to see jackfruit.

Niall Mackay: 29:46
Well,I was excited to go already.I’m even more excited now.Tell people when is it,um,and how can they get tickets and how much are they?

Sabra Johnson: 29:54
The show will play twice a month,every month.Those date will change according,they’ll exactly a month between each other.So every month,twice a month,ticket prices are1.4million.Saturday is always English ticket prices are1.4million.It’s roughly$65Um,it’ll include one welcome jackfruit drink,and then from there you can order your drinks.You can get tickets on Facebook page for Eva.Or you can call our Jackfruits hotline.That is0399419320.We have a hotline.

Niall Mackay: 30:35
Now,say that in vietnamese Oh,it sounds so much better in Vietnamese.

Phuong Que Truong: 30:46

Niall Mackay: 30:47
Well,thank you so much.If you’re listening to this,make sure you get your tickets for the Jackfruit Cabaret Show.It’s gonna be amazing.It’s not what you’re expecting,Saigon.And you will have a great night,guaranteed Phuong,Sabra,thank you so much.

Sabra Johnson: 31:02
Thank you

Phuong Que Truong: 31:03
Thank you so much.Thank you for inviting us and having us here.

Niall Mackay: 31:07
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