Phat Diem Cathedral

Built in stone in 1892 with a wooden interior, in terms of style the architecture of this cathedral combines a European church, a Chinese pagoda and a traditional Vietnamese temple.

The Cathedral was built by Father Six (Tran Luc) who was a controversial priest, accused by many for supporting the French when they first invaded Vietnam, but ultimately praised for spreading Christianity in the country. His last wish before his death was granted, and his grave lies in the middle of the entrance to the Cathedral.

There’s a stone gate with three entrances and a big cross on the top. The lake in front of the Cathedral and a small islet with a statue of Jesus add charm to the area. The main church building has three floors, with big drums on the second floor and a massive bell on the third that is used during the mass on Sundays.

The main Cathedral is officially named Church of Our Lady of the Rosary. There’s another impressive, this time a five-entrance gate and two chapels, one built from stone and the other one from jackfruit wood. Visiting the place will give you more insight into the history and culture of Vietnam.