Mua Cave

A trip to the highest peak at Mua Cave is considered one of the best things to do in Ninh Binh due to the incredible 360-degree views over limestone cliffs, rice fields and countryside. The straight path leads to the foot of the mountain where the cave is. On the right, you should check out an amazing lotus flower sea and a narrow wooden bridge that takes you right to the center of it. The main attraction, however, is the view from the top. You must climb many stairs, but there are some stops on the way with breathtaking views so pace yourself and be careful as the old stone stairs might be slippery.

At the halfway, there is a fork in the trail. One way leads to the narrow rocky outcrop and the other to the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva statue on Dragon Mountain. Don’t miss the unbelievable Hung Mua viewpoint of the Ngo Dong River, on which you will see boats from Tam Coc boat Tour that you should take as well. It is a great experience to admire the same place from two perspectives – from the boat looking at the peak of Hung Mountain and from the top watching the boats peacefully floating along the river.

The Mua Cave is 5 km north of Tam Coc, and the entrance costs 100,000 VND. For the best experience, choose a clear day to enjoy spectacular views, and time it for either sunrise or sunset. There are fewer clear days in the rainy season from May to October, but if you choose that time of the year, the landscape is even more vibrant.