Cuc Phuong National Park

Cuc Phoung is the oldest National Park in Vietnam, opened in 1962. The park is proud of its abundant unique wildlife and cultural heritage, with authentic stilt houses, waterwheels, and rafts of Muong Minority. The stunning scenery of rice fields and limestone mountains has been inhabited by rare plants and species of reptiles, amphibians and mammals, with Clouded Leopard, Langurs, and Asian Black Bears, to name a few.

The park was officially opened by Ho Chi Minh who said: “Forest is gold,” but ironically, the park’s rich diversity has been in jeopardy due to illegal logging, poaching, and other harmful activities. Still, you will be able to spot many birds and thousands of butterflies, especially if you visit the park in April and May. Another interesting feature here is Limestone Karst Landscape as well as discoveries of a fossilized sea reptile from 200-230 million years ago and remains of prehistoric people from over 7 thousand years ago found in the mountain caves.

Ecotourism thrives here with organized trekking in the primary forest. Other activities include wildlife night-watching, bird watching, cycling, various animals spotting, kayaking, and even traditional music performance. For those who want to dedicate more time, there are volunteer work opportunities in conservation centers.