Chicken Village

Kenh Ga is a peaceful floating village 20 kilometers northeast of Ninh Binh. It is also known as the chicken village and is best explored by a 3-hour boat tour. Besides the tour, you can cycle around the village, or take a bath in Kenh Ga hot springs.

This place is tranquil, and most tourists who visit Ninh Binh stay within Tam Coc and Trang An. But if you decide to come to Kenh Ga, first you must find Me village where the boat tour starts. From the boat, you will see limestone mountains with houses hung on the sides of the cliffs on either side of the river, fishermen trying to catch fish, children going to school, and locals working on rice paddies. You will also get out of the boat and do the 30-minute trek to the large Van Trinh Cave. 

For relaxation, visit Kenh Ga hot spring resort that offers 16 different pools and tubs that vary in size, water temperature, and medicinal properties.