In cooperation with UNICEF and the Vietnam Institute of Labor and Social Sciences (ILSSA), a report entitled ' Casting Light in the Shadows: Child and Youth Migration, Exploitation and Trafficking in Vietnam ' was performed by children's rights research and consultancy institute Coram International.

Study scientists estimate that 5.6% of kids, identified by individuals under the age of 18, are likely to experience child trafficking experiences in Vietnam.

Of those kids, 92.3% report trafficking within the boundaries of the country. A more rare phenomenon is cross-border trafficking-its incidence is estimated at 0.4%.

Contrary to common child trafficking discourse focusing on sex and marriage trafficked girls and young females ; girls, boys, young females and young males are similarly susceptible to trafficking, information demonstrates. In addition, kids from the least rich households are five times more vulnerable to trafficking than the wealthiest families. The discrepancy in riches also applies to exploitation and violence.

The study also indicates that kids of ethnic minorities are more probable to be trafficked, and this finding is attributed to the absence of education and organization among many ethnic minorities by many research informants from anti-trafficking NGOs and government agencies.

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Original story via Saigoneer and photo courtesy of Medium