In the fourth season of ‘Street Dance Of China,' a reality series featuring top dancers from China and around the world, Vietnam's Nguyen Vu Minh Tuan has drawn plaudits for his dancing and choreography skills. 

Besides being chosen by Lay Zheng, one of the four team captains, to dance with him in a contest against a team led by Henry Lau in episode 2, Tuan is also one of the show's main personalities and has received the greatest amount of broadcast time.

When asked why he selected Tuan to dance with, Zhang explained he selected Tuan because of his distinct ability and approach. The two performed a popping dance (a style of dance characterized by sudden tensing and releasing of the muscles to the rhythm of beats in music) choreographed by Tuan which he adapted and made his own, evoking a sense of individuality. 

The dancers amazed both the audience and judges, emerging victorious in the competition. Commenting on the Vietnamese dancer’s skills, Judge ICee said "I think Tuan's choreography is great, and so is his technique. To me, his dance is very beautiful and radiates an aura." The other team leaders complimented the Vietnamese dancer's skills as well.

After Tuan's appearance made its way onto Weibo, China's most popular social media platform, it received over 13.5 million views and hundreds of comments.

"By entering the competition I hope to represent Vietnam on a global stage and compete against as well as learn from other dancers with an array of different dance backgrounds and expertise" says Tuan. 

Armed with 14 years of experience, Tuan is a main member of Vietnam’s X-Clown Crew dance group. He also boasts an armful of achievements including the Street Star Festival in Sweden (2017), Who Is The Champion in Malaysia (2017), Jack Of All Trades Festival in Canada (2018), and Drop The Beat in Australia (2018).

Source: Vnexpress