Director Ha Le Diem has won the Award for Best Directing for her film 'Nhung Dua Tre Trong Suong' (Children Of The Mist). The award, given to Diem by the International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam, came with a €5,000 ($5,700) cash prize.

Diem won the award after beating 11 other nominees. The judges also commented that her film was one of the best by a debutant.

Director Ha Le Diem
The 92-minute film is Diễm's first documentary // Photo on

The documentary is narrated by a 12-year-old ethnic H'Mong girl who describes life in the northern town of Sa Pa. The 90-minute documentary focuses on the clash between old customs and modern values in a place where children with a traditional upbringing have access to the modern world. 

The film has earned international coverage about the sensitive and cultural issues faced by many in rural and ethnic communities. The American magazine giant Variety commented that the "extraordinary Vietnamese doc follows a clash of values over a child’s marriage".

In all categories, 264 films were entered in Amsterdam Documentary Awards - the world's largest documentary film festival. Having begun in 1988, the festival is held annually with the most recent ceremony taking place on Nov. 17.


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