It is practically unheard in Vietnam that guardians allow youngsters to get a tattoo. That is especially true for telephone numbers.

For quite a while in Vietnam, tattoos were thought of as images of guiltiness, something that solitary individuals from evil posses.

While that unthinkable and preference has been winding down for quite a while, the ubiquity of tattoos stays bound generally to the young.

Yet, multi year old Hoang Cong Vien in the northern territory of Nam Dinh conversed with his better half and both concurred that their 15-year child ought to get one.

They landed at the choice after almost losing their child twice in the same number of days. The kid is perceived to have mental issues.

On September 11, Vien took Hoang Cong Vinh to a tattoo shop. On one hand, his name and street number were engraved in huge measured text style, and on the other, the phone digits of his folks.

Presently, the guardians trust that the lasting image on their child's hand will help Vinh discover whatever he lost.

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Original story via vnexpress