Vietnam has the world’s highest proportion of adult gamers, according to a recent global consumer survey released by Statista, a German data portal. As many as 94 percent of Vietnamese grown-ups said they played video games at least occasionally, and 20 percent of them described themselves as frequent gamers.

The online survey polled 1,000-4,000 respondents aged between 18 and 64 in 55 countries and found that in general, countries in the developing world produced more gamers, likely aided by their younger demographics. Nigeria and the Philippines came in second and third in the poll in terms of their adult gamer engagement rates but perhaps surprisingly, Japan ranked near the bottom despite the nation’s long-standing reputation as avid gamers.

Game for a bit of gaming? Photo courtesy of Alexey Savchenko / Unsplash.

As a matter of fact, although in popular imagination gaming is still largely associated with teenage boys playing PC games with reckless abandon, many enduring stereotypes about gaming no longer reflect the reality. The average gamer of today is 35 years old, is increasingly into mobile gaming, and she is much more of a casual player now.

Yes, you read that right – more likely than not, a person playing a video game in 2020 is a woman. As per the Statista Global Consumer Survey, 85 percent of Vietnamese gamed on smartphones and within that segment, 59 percent of the gaming audience is female.

A huge growth market globally in recent years, mobile gaming has become all the rage in Vietnam too, with middle-aged people gaming on the go not a rare sight in Vietnam these days. The rapid rise of smartphones has forced video game developers to design games that can be played in short sessions, a move which has resulted in an entirely new generation of gamers – casual, occasional, spread more evenly across different age groups and genders.