As we all know, on March 15, after 2 years of closure, Vietnam decided to lift the majority of its travel restrictions. 

Now fully open, foreign tourists are allowed to visit the country without booking tour packages and can visit any destination of their choice - here are the best destinations for 2022. 

Plus, travellers won’t need to quarantine upon arrival. 

This is great news and an important step forward in Vietnam's recovery from Covid-19. 

But how can travellers make the most of their time in Vietnam and what are the remaining restrictions? 

Health checks on arrival
Health checks on arrival // Photo on

A Negative Test

The Ministry of Health said foreigners entering Vietnam only need to provide a negative Covid-19 test certificate to roam free. This also means that mandatory quarantining for new arrivals has been scrapped too. 

Acceptable testing methods:

  • RT-PCR method: valid within 72 hours before departure
  • Rapid antigen method: valid within 24 hours before departure

No Test? No Worries

Those who are unable to take a test before arriving must be tested right after their arrival and can leave the facility as soon as their test result is negative.

Children under two years are exempt from testing.

For All Tourists

Within 10 days, all travellers need to check their health and inform medical staff if there are any symptoms of Covid and they must also use the PC-Covid app to declare their health status during their stay in Vietnam. 

The PC-Covid App

The PC-Covid app is especially used in airports, restaurants, and public places to log your health status and location and is often a requirement before you enter the premises. These places may have a QR code that you scan to make your declaration - simple!

Visa Exemption For 13 Countries

On the same day, the government announced the resumption of visa waivers for 13 countries.

Citizens from Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, and the U.K. will be allowed to visit Vietnam for 15 days without a visa. 

Source: VnExpress

Visa Exemption For 13 Countries
Visa Exemption For 13 Countries // Photo on vnexpress

What This Means For You

These greatly reduced restrictions affect a whole host of people from domestic and international tourism businesses to individuals whose dream is to visit Vietnam. 

With clear pathways to get a tourist visa for Vietnam, it’s time for an epic trip. If you’re an expat living in Vietnam, your family can finally visit! And if you are a Vietnamese Citizen, it’s time to get those tourist dollars!

Plus, this month is one of the best times to visit Vietnam. Whether you would like to explore the Northern, Central or Southern region, Vietnam has everything a tourist could want, from food to UNESCO landscapes.

We hope this article provides some clarity on the current situation. Please check out our community for more updates.