Living in Ho Chi Minh City's narrow alleys can pose many challenges, but it also offers many unique memories and experiences.

The lives of residents in these tiny alleyways can be both simple and challenging on a daily basis, completely contrary to the wide and busy roads in downtown areas.

Motorcyclists are usually required to turn when traveling in these alleys, as there is only enough space for one motorcycle at a time.

Others are so narrow they can never get through even a motorcycle.

“I recently bought a refrigerator but had no idea how to carry it to my house,” a local said.

In the event of an emergency, these alleys also pose obstacles to fire trucks and ambulances, as well as other cityscape, public hygiene, and flooding issues.

Over the past year, authorities in many neighborhoods have made efforts to widen local alleys and improve dwellers ' living conditions.

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Photos and original text via tuoitre