South Korean businessman, architect and illustrator Park Ji Hoon has recently released his book titled 'Park Tien Sinh Song Giua Sai Gon' (Mr. Park Lives in the Middle of Saigon), which depicts his fascinating 14-year life in Ho Chi Minh City

In an attempt to assimilate into "a similar but different world" entrepreneur Park Ji Hoon describes the bustling city life that Saigon has to offer and presents the reader with first hand accounts of a foreigner "entering a strange city".

Mr Park, who is originally from South Korea, writes about the work ethic and attitude of Ho Chi Minh City residents when dealing with people from different cultures. 

He also writes about the strange sights and sounds of Saigon city life such as streets full of car horns and the beauty of Vietnamese women in their ao dai. Park also includes artistic illustrations of daily life in Saigon.

"Park Tien Sinh Song Giua Sai Gon"
"Park Tien Sinh Song Giua Sai Gon" (Mr. Park Lives In Saigon) //  Photo on Tre Publishing House

The book, written both in Vietnamese and Korean, is intended to bridge the gap between cultural differences. 

According to Park, South Koreans and other foreigners need to ignore their prejudices in order to integrate in an environment with different communication styles and business culture. 

"I hope my little stories will help foreigners understand Saigonese more," Park said.

The book also hopes to prepare young Vietnamese for new working relationships in Vietnam’s emerging multicultural society. 

Mr Park currently has a byline in the magazine "Xin Chao Vietnam" for South Korean expats and has published books before. The most notable is "Mong Seonsaengui Seogong Japgi" (Saigon Stories of Mr. Mong), published in South Korea.

Aside from his passions of writing, Mr Park Ji Hoon is also the general director of a design and construction consulting firm, a representative of the fund "Moonbit" which supports communities of Vietnamese youth, and represents the fund "Arumtaeun gongdongchae" (Beautiful Community) of the overseas Korean community in Ho Chi Minh City.

Grab the book here.


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