Beer Prices In Saigon Among The Cheapest On Earth

In case you missed it, Finder recently published a list of 10 cities in the world where travelers can enjoy the most affordable beer. Surprisingly, Saigon was among the cheapest!

Beer is a popular drink in Saigon, and it can be bought at a variety of places, such as on the street, convenience stores and supermarkets. 

The World’s average price for a bottle of beer has increased quite a bit over the years due to the Covid-19 pandemic as consumers have had to gradually change their habits by buying a variety of drinks in supermarkets or convenience stores.

Finder's analysis also shows that cities in Africa have the cheapest beer prices in the world, whereas Doha, Qatar is the most expensive with a beer costing VND 310,687. 

Beer in Saigon
Beer in Saigon is among the cheapest // Photo by Jag_cz / Shutterstock

Saigon is the 5th cheapest city in the world for beer prices, with an average price of VND 23,036. It's not surprising that Saigon has become a popular tourist destination due to its affordability and variety of different beers available at local convenience stores or supermarkets.

Here is a list of cities in the world with the cheapest price for a 'bottle of beer' (In VND. One USD is equal to around VND 22,000)

1. Freetown, Sierra Leone - VND 20,235

2. Antananarivo, Madagascar - VND 20,853

3. Lagos, Nigeria - VND 22,414

4. Yangon, Myanmar - 22,414 VND

5. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam - 23,036 VND

6. Tashkent, Uzbekistan - 23,348 VND

7. Lome, Togo - 23,348 VND

8. Maseru, Lesotho - 23,348 VND

9. Lilongwe, Malawi - 23,659 VND

10. Dushanbe, Tajikistan - 24,282 VND


10 cities with the highest price for a beer in the world (in VND):

1. Doha, Qatar - VND 310,687

2. Dubai, UAE - VND 309,442

3. Muscat, Oman - VND 248,114

4. Oslo, Norway - VND 245,935

5. Lebanon, Beirut - £ 7.37

6. Reykjavik, Iceland - 229,435 VND

7. Jerusalem, Israel - VND 191,767 VND

8. Auckland, New Zealand - VND 189,899

9. Manama, Bahrain - VND 183,361 VND

10. Stockholm, Sweden - VND 179,003

The price of beer is determined by a few factors including its ingredients,  production process, brand positioning and so on. Governments will also add a tax to alcoholic beverages called an excise duty.

Beer in Saigon

Vietnam possesses a fully ad valorem-based alcohol tax system meaning that alcohol taxation is based upon a product’s value. Often considered a more progressive approach, this system puts higher tax on premium products, therefore, the taxes are more likely to affect higher-income customers.


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