Sen Spa

Sen Spa Hanoi features vibrant and diverse design spaces, each offering a unique ambiance for your utmost comfort every time you visit. Sen Spa always applies advanced modern machinery technology, combined with premium skincare lines to ensure quality. When you come to Sen Spa, you’ll experience optimal benefits as the spa highly values sharing with customers to provide the highest effectiveness for services, showcasing professionalism.

By adopting the name “Sen” (Lotus), Sen Spa intends to convey the local essence and demonstrates a commitment to making customers’ treatments truly distinctive and enjoyable. Visit and explore the unique elements, from exfoliation to the soothing aroma of lotus massage oil. Sen Spa Hanoi presents an array of services to meet modern beauty needs.

Among them, Foot Massage rejuvenates through gentle nerve and acupoint stimulation. Full Body Massage induces relaxation, reduces pain, and boosts circulation. Therapeutic techniques combine massage, acupressure, herbs, and oils, promoting relaxation and muscle relief. Prenatal Massage caters to expectant mothers, delivering comfort and mood upliftment.


Open Time 10:00 am to 10:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

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