Meander Saigon Hostel

Meander is the community of different streams of interest, streams of nationality and streams of people. At Meander, people connect like streams do at the delta, and together, they forge unforgettable stories and networks to life, travel and work.

The word “meander” refers to the turns of a winding river, and is a metaphor for our belief that “The best things in life happen unexpectedly.” Spark up a conversation with a new face at our Co-working and a new business collaboration might be in the works. Be adventurous and explore the local alley or hole in the wall not listed in the “Top 20 Attractions.” It’s not about the destination; it’s about the journey.

The Meander experience is crafted to be fun, aesthetic, and sustainable. Many of our products are sourced to be environmentally friendly with biodegradable packaging, or recycled materials. More than 90% of our products are also sourced locally to support local economy and to reduce carbon footprints.

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