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Social enterprise businesses are driven by innovation and compassion, aiming to create ripples of change that transform communities and lives. These trailblazers combine entrepreneurial spirit with a commitment to tackling society’s most pressing challenges. They believe that every sale, service, and success story can be a stepping stone towards a better world.

Social enterprises rewrite the rules, showing that profit and purpose can dance together, creating impact that can resonate far beyond the balance sheet.

Vietnam Is Awesome aims to create a sustainable future for travel, bridging the gap between wanderlust and responsibility.

We partner with social enterprise businesses to empower communities and preserve the natural beauty of the world. Through ‘Explore to Impact,’ we curate transformative experiences that leave a positive footprint, ensuring that the joy of exploration goes hand in hand with the commitment to social and environmental well-being. 


Vietnam Is Awesome, a prominent platform uplifting the tourism industry in Vietnam, brings an awe-inspiring tale of courage and compassion to the forefront. The spotlight falls on Jimmy Pham, a real-life hero and the unstoppable force behind KOTO (Know One Teach One). In an exclusive feature, Vietnam Is Awesome delves into the remarkable journey of a man who transformed the lives of vulnerable youth and continues to be a beacon of hope for countless more.

Journey of the Senses

Vina Capital

VinaCapital Foundation’s Grassroots Assistance program supports underprivileged children in local communities with funding and support from community partners like hospitals, governments, and NGOs. VCF conducts assessments for each child’s situation and maintains contact after assistance is provided. VIA partners with VCF to channel traveler donations and bookings towards VCF’s Grassroots Medical Program, delivering healthcare in remote areas. VCF expands visibility and infuses tourism in Vietnam with profound meaning.

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Take a specific step such as booking a table at KOTO or Noir & Blanc Dining, or a tour with us to donate to VinaCapital Foundation.

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