Com Ga Hoi An – Chicken Rice

Com Ga Hoi An, or Chicken Rice, is a popular Vietnamese cuisine that originated in the central coastal city of Hoi An. Poached or roasted chicken is served with aromatic rice cooked in chicken broth and a side of pickled veggies in this simple yet tasty recipe.

Com Ga Hoi An is often made with marinated chicken that is then cooked till soft and fragrant. The rice is cooked in the same broth as the chicken, which infuses it with rich, savory tastes. After that, the meal is topped with sliced cucumbers, herbs like mint and coriander, and crispy fried onions.

What distinguishes Com Ga Hoi An is its simplicity and taste harmony. The delicate and tasty chicken complements the aromatic rice well, and the pickled veggies provide a crisp crunch and tangy taste to the meal.

Com Ga Hoi An is best found in the city of Hoi An, where it originated. In Hoi An, several restaurants and street sellers specialize in this cuisine and provide their own variants. Com Ga Ba Buoi, Com Ga Ba Nga, and Com Ga Xuan are some of the greatest venues to try Com Ga Hoi An in Hoi An. If you can’t make it to Hoi An, numerous Vietnamese eateries provide their own versions of this iconic meal.