Ho Chi Minh Museum

Built in 1977, this prominent museum is dedicated to Ho Chi Minh. It has in its collection authentic military aircrafts and tanks, thousands of photographs and personal belongings of Vietnamese soldiers, and a replica of Ho Chi Minh’s House in Hanoi.

Some of the well-preserved warfare gems outside include A-37 Dragonfly light-attack and Cessna O-1 Bird Dog observation aircraft, the M48 Patton gun tank, and other weapons from the war times. Inside, 12 rooms are full of photographs and news articles of the legendary Fifth Military Division soldiers describing their struggles towards independence. Several personal belongings and detailed stories of prominent soldiers can be examined here, one of which is Phan Thi Mua, who smuggled dynamite powder to blow up an American fuel depot in a pair of slippers.

 The museum is free for locals while foreign visitors pay VND 40,000 for entrance and VND 10,000 for photos, and it should be a must-see point in your Da Nang itinerary, especially for those genuinely interested in history and how Vietnam defeated foreign invaders.