Three Peaches’ Islets

Ba Trai Dao, or three peaches islets, are a trio of islets in the Lan Ha Bay area. Its name comes from an old tale of love and romance. The narrative begins with a fairy. She came to this area of our world to explore. Whilst looking around, she met a local fisherman. It was love at first sight. She wants to be with the fisherman forever.

Though, there was a problem. He was a mere mortal and would die, whereas she was immortal and would live forever. To give the fisherman infinitive life, she stole three peaches from the garden of heaven to give to him. God noticed they had been stolen and turned the peaches into larger stones. These stones were placed at the heart of the romantic story and they became the islets we visit today. 

With a crescent-shaped archway placed between the peaches, you can sense a vision of idealised utopia. The turquoise sea encompasses the three peaches, turning into a kind of paradise. Along with golden beaches surrounding the islets, the hilltop is decorated with lush evergreen fauna. It is quite a picture.

This place is worth a stop for romantic couples. The beach stroll is like something out of a fairy-tale honeymoon. It’s worth a stop for most people. You have a 2-3 hours to do so, as the tide submerges the islets for most of the day. It feels like a punishment that such beauty cannot be seen. It’s what happens when you steal from the heavens. 

The Three Peaches Islets can be reached by boat. Some cruise tours will make a stop in this area.

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