Monkey Island

It used to be called Cat Dua. This is because a huge amount of pandanus fruit which grows on the island. Pandanus is used in a variety of dishes and medicine. Tropical fruit grows in hot, humid and wonderfully refreshing climates. Monkey island fits this template. It is an island with two spectacular beaches. The coves are ideal for sunbathing, swimming and drinking a fresh coconut. Other activities such as snorkelling and kayaking are available in this tropical paradise. 

As the name suggests, this is an island full of monkeys. They are everywhere on this island. You can meet them and play with them. They are comfortable interacting with both tourists and locals. You can get pictures with them. They like food and drink. Be careful if you bring any to the beach. The monkeys don’t pay for food. They’ll just take it and they don’t know any better. 

Don’t fight the monkeys. Anyone who has heard the phrase monkey mind knows this detail. Monkeys will get emotional and angry and fight back. Keep any belongings that are valuable to you safe. Advise a local if a monkey takes something valuable. Give the monkeys some food if you can. They are partial to a few bananas and other fruit. 

To get to Monkey Island, you need to be picked up at Cat Ba first. You take a short boat ride through some lush scenery before embarking into the island. Be sure to take swimming gear and sun cream. This place is a paradise full of monkeys. It is the one place you want to stop off at while on a luxury cruise through Lan Ha Bay. Those not on a cruise have the flexibility to stay longer, in one the island’s cosy beach huts. 

Monkey Island is accessed by stopping off at Beo Pier. Boats depart from Cat Ba Island. Some cruise tours have this stop on their itinerary.

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