Lotte Observation Deck

Located on the 65th floor of the 272 meter high Lotte center, this observation deck offers panoramic views of the whole city of Hanoi. Lotte Center is worth visiting itself, as it is one of the best shopping destinations in the capital, but on top of that a fast elevator will take you to the 65th floor in just 50 seconds where you will see the whole city from the famous observation deck.

The first of four sections or zones – the Attraction Zone offers Observation Deck during day time and Fantastic Light Festival at night that starts while going up on the escalator. There’s also a space with a bamboo forest wall and the Stars-Twinkling Night Sky. In the Welcome Zone, you can see Hanoi from the past to the future in its Welcome Theatre and you can take a professional photo, while in the Experience Zone, and it might be the highlight of your whole experience, you will “walk on clouds” if you dare, since the deck has a transparent floor. Watching miniature buildings, cars and people under your feet is thrilling. There is also high-tech equipment to observe the city, a Photo Counter with creative ideas for your pictures, and a View Terrace for better viewing experience. Lastly, the Love Zone is a space where you can take even more pictures with a big red heart’s contours.

The price for adults was 230k, but check again before you go because they might have discounts for certain occasions.

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