Cu Chi Tunnels

These underground tunnels of historical importance are hidden in the forest 40 km from Saigon. They are said to be an engineering genius, dug by hand, and used by Viet Cong to defeat the mighty USA army.

Communist forces began digging the tunnels in the late 1940s during their fight for independence with France. Later the tunnels were expanded to serve the Vietnamese people, soldiers, and farmers in the American War to fight with the enemy.

The tunnels’ total length is somewhere between 75 to even 155 miles, and they were used to hide from the Americans during the daytime and get advantageous at night, surprising them by sudden attacks. Tunnels also helped transport supplies and were used for communication. While you are there, besides the tunnels, you will see many different traps and covered holes in the ground, and the guides demonstrate how they work. You can also use real guns at a shooting range.

Visitors get down inside these tunnels to see how small they were. Nevertheless, it will be challenging to comprehend Vietnamese soldiers’ reality as some of these tunnels are now widened for tourists. They are free from ants, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, and bats infesting the troops with several diseases, including malaria. The tour is not recommended for people who don’t like closed spaces or have breathing problems.

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