Co To Island

This wonderful island is the largest island is an archipelago realm that makes up the Co To Island Range. Located in a stunning part of the ocean, at the Gulf of Tonkin, this is the furthest island from the coast. The island itself is a maze of hills, jungle terrain and is protected by a range of rugged clifftops which circle the island. It isn’t an easy place to get to. The boat is the only way there. 

Co To has a very romantic feeling to those who visit. Romantic in the sense that these types of fishing islands living a traditional way of life are disappearing. Some azure waters are stretching around the coastline. The sun shines brightly on a few stunning beaches which are around different parts of the island. Trinh Sat, Hong Vanh and Van Chai are a few beaches which come recommended. 

You can hire a small boat and travel around the coastline here. The lighthouse is known to be a nice walk to the top. There are natural trekking paths dotted across the island. If strolling around isn’t your thing, there are motorbikes for rent. The roads aren’t at the highest standard, but an experienced motorbike rider should be able to navigate around the island. Two or three days is enough to see the island. Try to get a wooden eco-lodge as a base while you are here. 

Co To Island speed boats departs from Cai Rong Pier daily at 13:00. Tickets are around 155,000 VND. A slow boat leaves every morning at 07:00 (3 hours). Tickets are 70,000 VND. A permit is required for all foreigners entering the island. This can be arranged in Halong City or through an agent before departure. Fines are issued for visitors who arrive without a permit. 

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