Bai Tho Mountain

This is known as the poem mountain. A poem is stored on a cliff face in the mountain. This poem was written by Emperor Le Thanh Tong in the 15th century after he rested at the foothill. He was patrolling the coastline. This mountain was a big part of Halong City. It was the first line of defence in the city. Coastguards would climb the mountain as its vantage point allowed them to see the ocean for miles out. If there was trouble, they would show light to warn the citizens below. The mountain is known as the resting dragon. Looking at it, you can see it waits as if it is ready to begin its flight. 

The mountain is in Halong City Centre and it peaks at 200m. Although it seems quite low in comparison to other mountains and hilltops around Halong Bay, Bai Tho does have some advantages. Bai Tho has a small mountain road, which makes it quite a straightforward climb. You’ll go past residents’ homes. Some will offer to take you to the peak for a bit of money. 

You can get to the top in less than an hour walk. Go while it is sunny, as rain and cloud restrict the views and satisfaction of the climb. Don’t forget to check out the Emperor’s poem. Once at the peak, you’ll an incredible view of the Halong Bay Vista. Make sure you bring a good camera as this is one of the most amazing photo opportunities across Halong Bay.

Bai Tho Mountain is in Halong City Centre and can be accessed on foot. Be mindful that anyone offering to help as a guide will expect payment in return.

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