Disclaimer: Vietnam is Awesome has compiled a non-exhaustive list of contact details for food and water delivery, as well as other useful services in Ho Chi Minh City. We are unable to guarantee that the numbers/ links are working or if delivery/ service will be successful. Note that this list is mostly for paid services, for free services, reach out to the ward authorities. 

One week into the military-assisted lockdown in Saigon to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, many of us find ourselves with dwindling supplies, especially of food and water. A bare pantry is a large source of worry regardless of if you are a single adult or have many mouths to feed. 

Here at Vietnam is Awesome, we have been reaching out to friends, neighbours, and Facebook groups to source for various items and services and we have quite a list! Read on to find out where you can buy groceries, get water, and gas deliveries, and which hospitals to contact if you need medical help. 

Grocery Delivery by District/ Ward

At the end of a long day, the soft, almost nondescript, smell of rice cooking brings me a measure of comfort. For many, food can be a great source of joy and stability. Even though we are unable to see each other in person, my friends and family share pictures of our meals, swap recipes, check in on whether each other has eaten. For families that live in the same house, mealtimes bring everyone together. Whether you are making a simple meal or a treat, food has taken on more importance during this lockdown. 

soldiers pick veggies at a supermarket
A group of soldiers pick veggies at a supermarket in Binh Thanh District. They buy products as ordered by local residents via local forces in Ho Chi Minh City @ Vnexpress

Read on to find a list of food delivery hotlines and supermarket/ convenience store links. 

Inter-District/ More Resources 

District 1

  • Annam Gourmet Hai Ba Trung, 0902 668 876, 0902 333 510
  • Annam Gourmet Saigon Centre, 0932 692 545, 0783 812 721
  • VinMart Dong Khoi, 0798 062 508

District 2

  • Annam Gourmet Estella, 096 259 5395, 090 287 8583, 070 576 9648
  • Le Square Epicier Fin, 0938 373 441
  • K Mart
  • Tops Market An Phu, 0938 303 620
  • VinMart Nguyen Thi Dinh, 0858 174 168
  • VinMart Nguyen Duy Trinh, 0765 167 278
  • VinMart Diamond, 0782 585 295

Thao Dien Ward, D2

  • Women’s Union ‘Go to the Market for the People’ programme
  • Vietnamese numbers, 0902 849 585, 0707 537 357, 0938 848 112, 0902 7575 97
  • English numbers, 0903 995 996, 0908 196 355, 0917 275 572, 0979 741 990
  • Online order form
  • Family Mart, 0855 455 463
  • Nam An Market
  • SaladStop Mart
  • Tops Market Thao Dien, 0932 134 600
  • VinMart Thao Dien, 0933 949 488

District 7

  • Annam Gourmet Phu My Hung, 0947 617 10, 036 745 7298
  • VinMart Nam Long, 0523 925 284
  • VinMart Hung Gia, 0932 469 758

Tan Phong Ward, D7

District 9

  • VinMart Le Van Viet, 0929 746 612

District 10

  • VinMart 3 Thang 2, 0909 867 740

Binh Thanh District

  • Annam Gourmet Saigon Pearl, 0325 919 319, 1900 636 431
  • GS25, https://zalo.me/g/jbknvd661
  • VinMart Sai Gon Res, 0932 279 985
  • VinMart Landmark 81, 0585 722 711

Tan Binh District 

  • VinMart Bau Cat, 0948 764 239
  • VinMart Cong Hoa, 0332 241 513
  • VinMart Tan Binh, 0979 370 770

Go Vap District

  • VinMart Quang Trung, 0789 122 328
  • VinMart Phan Van Tri, 0898 247 500

Binh Chanh District

  • VinMart Trung Son, 0906 574 330

Tan Phu District 

  • Bach Hoa Xanh, Zalo group
  • Tops Au Co Market, 0971 479 711

Thu Duc District

  • VinMart Thu Duc, 0936 921 544

Top tip - If possible pool your orders with your neighbours. Also, check in with your landlords/ building managers on food delivery options, and check whether the convenience stores near you are open and delivering. 

Drinking Water Delivery

Given the current difficulties of securing clean, drinking water, many have asked the question of whether tap water is potable in Ho Chi Minh City. Tap water is generally considered unsafe for drinking, read more here.

Holland water poster
Holland water poster @ Holland water Fanpage


Thao Dien Ward, D2

  • Xuan Thuy Water Delivery, 0919 937 906

District 7 

  • La Casa, 0938 008 676, 0918 216 955

Cooking Gas Delivery

I am firmly on gas stoves versus electric stoves when it comes to cooking. However, getting gas delivered during these times can be tricky. We suggest that you contact your landlord/ building manager if you run out of gas during the military-assisted lockdown, as they likely have an existing relationship with a nearby gas supplier. 

  • Gas Thien Thanh: 037 444 592 / 035 106 869 / 0989 713 467
Gas delivery during lockdown
Gas delivery during lockdown @ Phu Nu Online

Health Care/ Hospital Teleconsultations 

Hospitals that offer teleconsultation

We understand that people feel some hesitation visiting their doctors in-person for a minor ailment during the COVID-19 outbreak, or just have a quick question for a medical professional. This is a list of hospitals and clinics that offer teleconsultations. 

FV covid-19 telemedicine services
FV covid-19 telemedicine services @ FV website

Hospitals that accept foreign patients/ COVID-19 patients

Of course, you may still want to visit the hospital in-person or have been advised to do so after your teleconsultation. Bear in mind that not all hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City accept foreigners as patients. Here is a list of hospitals that treat foreigners for COVID-19 and other issues.

FV Hospital still accepts foreigners as patients
FV Hospital still accepts foreigners as patients @ Fv Hospital Fanpage

Mental health resources 

With the lockdowns in our beloved Saigon running on month after month, it is no wonder that we feel shaken or less stable than usual. The New York Times reported that many people have experienced a panic attack for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic. Weeks and weeks of isolation, stress over food supplies and wages, and uncertainty about the future can be a lot to deal with. Here are some resources that can help.

A post from Better Help
A post from Better Help @ Better Help Fanpage

Joining Facebook groups (Vietnam is Awesome, Foodies in Saigon, Fexpats (Female Expats) in Ho Chi Minh City etc.) with people in the city can also help you feel less alone by connecting with others in a similar situation. Many groups also offer online get togethers and activities that can break the monotony of the days. 

We hope that the list above comes in handy as we do our best to get through the toughest stage of lockdown so far in Saigon. This goes hand in hand with a list of useful Vietnamese phrases that you might need as well as the rest of our helpful resources and guides to navigate through this uncertain and difficult period.