Duc Nghiem

Chef & Co-founder at NP Bistro
Viet Nam

My journey from dentistry to leading kitchens has taught me to prioritize passion over convention. In Australia, I discovered my true calling in the dynamic world of cooking, starting my culinary career in a Chinese restaurant before exploring diverse culinary experiences.

Leaving dentistry behind, I eventually had the privilege of working at renowned kitchens such as Nobu, Cumulus Inc, and Hellenic Republic in Melbourne. This journey underscores the profound fulfillment that comes from embracing one’s true calling.

While cooking is my primary passion, it is not my only one. In 2015, I launched “Bluer Kitchen,” a food blog that organically amassed over 20,000 followers in just three years.

In 2019, my autobiography, “The Blue Kitchen,” was published in Vietnam, which opened doors for me to appear on popular podcasts like Have A Sip and À La Show.

Returning to Vietnam, I wholeheartedly embraced local flavors and familial bonds, overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic. In 2022, I joined Nous Dine, where we transformed the restaurant from a seasonal menu establishment into a pioneering culinary destination offering themed culinary experiences. This milestone in my career earned us a coveted spot in the Michelin Guide Vietnam. Additionally, I had the honor of being voted “The Rising Star Chef” in the Bar And Restaurant Award, organized by The Dot Magazine & Wink Hotels.

Riding the wave of success, I decided to pursue my dream and open my own restaurant in Binh Thanh district. Reflecting my culinary journey, my restaurant offers a fusion of comfort food and innovative cuisine inspired by my experiences in Vietnam and Australia.